Credit by Examination - Math Acceleration ONLY

Math Acceleration ONLY

Elementary Math Acceleration - Please see these guidelines for elementary math. 
CBE Elementary Math Acceleration

Middle School Math Acceleration
Without Prior Instruction, (Grades 6-7)

Middle school students have the opportunity to accelerate in mathematics through a locally developed and locally assessed credit-by-exam (CBE) test. When student chooses to move from On Level to Pre-AP a CBE is required because they have not received instruction on some grade level standards due the condensed curriculum in Pre-AP math courses. Students who wish to accelerate an entire grade level of math without prior instruction will be required to score a minimum of 80% on the CBE.

Although there is no study guide, parents/learners may access the Texas Education Agency's website to view the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) covered in the exams.

The table below explains who is required to take a CBE and what TEKS will be tested in each situation.

Current Course


Acceleration Course Requested


TEKS to be Tested on

Credit by Exam (CBE)

6 th Grade Math


7 th Pre-AP Math

7 th Grade TEKS

6th Grade PAP Math to Pre-AP Algebra 1 8th Grade TEKS

7 th Grade Math


Pre-AP Algebra 1

8 th Grade TEKS


CBE Scheduled Dates

Testing Dates

Registration Deadline


June 5-7, 2018

May 18, 2018

Northwest High School

August (Date to be Determined)


Northwest High School

PLEASE NOTE: Northwest ISD will not offer examinations for credit on dates other than the scheduled dates. There is no charge for the tests given on the scheduled dates. The district is not obligated to provide study guides or textbooks for students to prepare for the examination. All tests are in English. Credit/Acceleration by examination cannot be used to raise a passing grade. 

CBE Application
Registration is closed until April 2018