Message to Parents


TO:              Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers

FROM:         Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools

SUBJECT:   Northwest High School

DATE:         February 27, 2018

I rarely send messages regarding student discipline issues, but we are living in a different time right now, and I need you to be aware.  Two Northwest High School students were detained today for allegedly possessing a handgun on campus. 


You also need to know that NHS’s safety procedures worked perfectly that led us to the students.  The details are as follows:


·      Pictures of a student with the handgun were posted on a social media site this morning.

·      Two other NHS students saw the posting and immediately informed campus leadership.

·      Within three minutes of the initial report, NHS leadership with the School Resource Officer located the student and took possession of the weapon with no incident.

·      During the questioning of the student, another NHS student was implicated, and that student was detained for further questioning.

·      NHS leaders and police will continue the investigation.


This is exactly why we must come together as a school community and dig deeper into the safety and security of our schools.  I truly appreciate the students who “saw something and said something” to school administrators, so prompt action could be taken.  Please make sure your students know NISD has a Safety and Security webpage that links them to both a district-wide anonymous “tip line” and also a campus-based Crime Stoppers system.  This information can be found at the following web address –


Partnering with our parents and caregivers, we always hope to make impressions on students that would guide them to behave in manners that would prevent these things from happening, but we also must be ready to address these incidents when kids (allegedly) make very bad decisions.


Please remember the Facebook Live discussion the district will be conducting next Thursday, March 8 (6:30 PM), to discuss the safety and security of our children.  Also be ready to participate in individual campus town hall meetings on the same subject. Thank you for your support, and thank you for the commitment to keep our children safe!


Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools

Northwest Independent School District