Instructional Technology Focuses

As 21st century learners, students must be prepared with high levels of academic strengths including literacy, digital skills, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. An underlying factor of ePortfolios is to prepare all students to be successful, productive citizens capable of critical thinking and problem solving. At Northwest ISD, third through twelfth grade students utilize Google Sites as their platform for ePortfolios. For Kindergarten through second grade, the campus leadership team can make the determination regarding whether the SeeSaw or Google Sites platform best meets their learners' needs.  

Making IT Click Blog - Showcasing Authentic Student Learning
Student work should be at the forefront of any successful school district. The Instructional Technology Department uses the blog, Making IT Click, as a vessel to show this work. We showcase one piece of student work each week in order to maintain the integrity and quality of the work shown. In addition to providing an broad audience for our student's work, we are also being transparent in what we value as quality evidence of learning through technology. 

Tools that Make IT Click
When moving from concept to tool based, we needed a safety net for teachers and students to look through tried and true tools that have been used in classrooms across NISD. This allows us to focus on quality pedagogy and concepts while leaving the choice of the tool up to the teachers/students.

"The moment your student's have an audience for their work that exists outside the walls of your school, you've made the work in your classroom relevant, important, and have shown your students they matter."

At Northwest ISD, we believe technology tools extend the reach of our students and improve on their natural capabilities. The Techno Expo event is a yearly showcase where students promote just how technology takes their learning to another level. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work to a broader audience and engage the community in their learning. 


Northwest ISD utilizes Moodle as a Learning Management System. Educators can post assignments, resources, quizzes, announcements, etc. Students can access Moodle on any device with an Internet connection to upload homework, respond to forums and take quizzes. This is also a way for parents to stay current on student assignments, dates and general information about your courses. Best practices for the Moodle courses can be found here.