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Seventh Grade Team
Team Leader

Last Names A-L: Ted Mynyk
Last Names M-Z:
Last Names A-L: Shannon Nobles
Last Names M-Z: Shannon_Wickstrom
How you can help your student be successful and accountable:

1. Give your child his user name and password so he can check for missing work or work that needs to be remediated.
2. Get your child's user name and password so you can see what assignments are due an what assignments have been turned in on netschool.
3. Please bring your child to tutorials the morning he returns from an absence so that he can go to all of his classes to get missed assignments.
4. Please check teacher websites and netschool for information.
5. Encourage your child to come to tutorials as needed.
6. Charged netbooks are a must.
*Please e-mail sdavis@nisdtx.org if you need to schedule a parent/teacher conference.