Our Schools:
(per 6 weeks)
Due Dates for 2014-2015:
1st Six Weeks - Friday, October 3rd
2nd Six Weeks - Friday, November 14th
3rd Six Weeks - Friday, January 16th
4th Six Weeks - Friday, February 27th
5th Six Weeks - Friday, April 24th
6th Six Weeks - Friday, June 5th
* Qualifying hours for the Presendential Service Award will be calculated  for service hours
turned in for the period of one calendar year with dates being January 1st - December 31st. 
Total hours of service must be 50 or more to receive this prestigious award!*
* Must pass all classes
*85 cumulative average (excluding PE, athletics & aide classes)
* No office referrals
* At least 5 hours of community service