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Special Programs Center Dress Code


The Special Programs Center dress code must be followed in addition to the district dress code.  The Special Programs Center dress code is posted on the school web site.  All students are required to be in dress code everyday, including the first day of placement.



·    solid white t-shirt, polo-type, or button-down shirt

·    long or short sleeved

·    no logos or writing on shirts

·    tucked in

·    if undershirt is worn, must be solid white, have no logos or writing, and be tucked in

·    buttoned (top button allowed to be unbuttoned)


Coats and Sweatshirts:

·    no coats or jackets in classroom

·    no hooded sweatshirts

·    solid gray or white sweatshirts only (no logos or writing and no pockets)


Pants, shorts, or skirts:

·    khaki docker style pants/shorts or traditional blue denim, standard 5-pocket jeans

·    no parachute, cargo, or sweat pants

·    if belt is worn, must be plain black or brown belt with standard, simple buckle



·    must be closed-toe and not backless

·    white, brown, or black laces only

·    shoes designed to be laced shall be laced and tied at all times

·    if socks are worn, must be white, black, or brown



·    no hats, caps, head coverings, forehead coverings, bandanas brought to school

·    no gloves, sunglasses, or distracting accessories brought to school

·    no backpacks or bags brought to school (purses checked in at front when arrive)



The Special Programs Center is not responsible for inappropriate items brought to school.  Confiscated items may be returned to parents at the end of the program placement.


Parents will be contacted when students are in violation of the rules, dress code, or policies of the Special Programs Center.  Parents may be required to pick up students.  If parents cannot be contacted, students may be placed in ISS the rest of the day (with no points earned) and suspended the following day.  Students may be required to stay after school.