Our Schools:
Q: When is the first day of school?  Schools starts August 24, 2010.
Q: What are the school hours?  The doors open at 7:20. School starts at 7:50am and releases at 2:50pm. 
Q: Where does my child need to go when they arrive at school in the morning? Upon arrival, all students are asked to either go to the dining room for breakfast or go to their classroom.
Q: How do I find out if my child is eligable to ride the bus?  Contact Durham School Services.
Q: Is there an afterschool program for my child?  Yes, Trail Creek has an afternoon program for students that need afterschool care.  More information to come.
Q: Where would I find a calendar for the school year?  See the District Calendar on the Northwest ISD Website.
Q: Is there food service available for my child or do they need to bring their own lunch?  There is breakfast and lunch served daily.  Your child does have the option to bring their lunch from home.
Q: How do I pay for my child's breakfast and/or lunch? You may send cash or check with your child to school or go to the Northwest ISD Food Service site and pay online.
Q: How do I know what is being served for breakfast and/or lunch?  A calendar from our Food Service Department will be sent home with each child at the beginning of each semester.  You may also visit the Northwest ISD Food Service site for menu information.