Our Schools:
Readers and Writers Workshop 
Writers Workshop allows students to spend the majority of the writing lesson WRITING.  Through the short mini lessons, teachers are able to teach an author's craft that students can apply to their writing.  The mini lesson includes four parts- a connection to past learning, the teaching of the new craft, guided practice, and a link to the work the kids will be doing that day.  During the 20-40 minutes that students are in workshop, you may see the teacher conferring one on one with a student about their writing or working with a small group of students who are working on the same skill.  At the end of the workshop, teachers choose 1-3 students who have demonstrated the new craft learned in that day's lesson.
All students also work on their reading through the Readers Workshop.  Readers Workshop follows a very similar routine to the Writers Workshop, as students learn through a mini lesson, they have a work period, and they share their learning through a closing meeting.  The workshop time may look a little different in reading than it does in writing.  In many of our classrooms, students will be working on reading by reading independently, partner reading, writing a response to their reading and doing word work.  Teachers work with students in small groups guiding them in skills to help them progress in their level of reading.  Students work through each level of reading to learn new skills in relation to comprehension, accuracy, fluency,  and vocabulary.