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 Titan Dads
 Tidwell's On-Campus Volunteer Program for Fathers/Male Guardians
Titan Dads
   The purpose of Titan Dads is to provide avenues to increase a father's involvement in the school setting. There are no fees and you may volunteer as often or as little as you are able. There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the school day. The scheduled opportunities can be found on the calendar which will be updated as new events arise. There are also opportunities that will not be found on the calendar because these are activities that can be done any day of the week. Have any opportunity in mind? Let us know about it!
 "I have reservations about volunteering because my student is embarrassed to have me there"
   Middle school volunteerism looks very different than it did in elementary. As an elementary volunteer, you likely worked directly in your student's classroom alongside your student. In middle school, a majority of the volunteer opportunities will be general on-campus support that you will likely not have direct collaboration with your student. If you are interested in volunteering at an event that enables more direct contact with your student, lets us know. Volunteer opportunities are endless.
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