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Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination

 Click here for the registration form:  2014-15 DI Registration Form
Due Friday, Sept. 26!! 

 **Please note:  the registration form showed the incorrect tournament date as Feb. 21.  It is going to be held on Feb. 28th. 

"You're one step closer to experiencing an exhilarating after-school activity! At Destination ImagiNation, teams are tested to think on their feet, work together, and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of mind-bending Challenges." 
Visit www.idodi.org/ for more information.
You can also view this slideshow in case you're wondering what D.I. is all about:  Informational Power Point 

Important Lingo:

·         D.I.:  Destination Imagination

·         Rising Stars:  D.I. challenge for Kinder through 2nd Grade.  It is non-competitive, but the team still prepares for and presents at the tournament just like a 3rd-5th grade competitive team.  

·         Team manager:  An adult volunteer that supervises a D.I. team

·         Challenge:  an exercise that socially and intellectually activates students by prompting them to use creativity and teamwork to solve a problem (www.idodi.org)

·         Instant Challenge:  an exciting, impromptu creative problem solving experience