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Academy Parent/Student 
 All parents and students who have not attended one of the two parent nights and completed the NISD Academy Handbook and the Academy of Cosmetology Forms must contact me before Wednesday April 23. If I do not have all signed registration forms and have discussed the payment schedule for classes, for next year, by 4/23/2014 you will be removed from the acedemy list for
2014-2015 school year!
New students applying to the academy click here.
Alicia Flower


  •  Academy Cosmetology and Shears of  Steele 

    Cosmetology is  four years of sequencial courses offering a range of career opportunities in the salon industry. Preapproval and fees are required for acceptance into the Academy.

    This course is a state license program in which they will work in a salon atmosphere to provide job-specific training for employment in a cosmetology career. This training will include required evening attendance at specific module completion. The students will be taking appointments and learning how to run a salon.

    Instruction includes sterilization and sanitation procedures, hair care, nail care, and skin care and meets the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requirements for licensure upon passing the state examination.

    Analysis of career opportunities, requirements, expectations and development of workplace skills are included.

    Students will build professional employability skills to become productive and responsible workers and citizens. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform and develop professional attitudes and leadership skills in the salon industry.

    Students apply, combine and justify knowledge and skills to a variety of setting and problems.

  • Forecast for a career in Cosmetology

    • Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations. Personal appearance workers will grow by 20 percent from 2008 to 2018, which is much faster than the average for all occupations;

    •  About 44 percent of workers are self employed; many also work flexible schedules.