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Welcome to the
Granger Music Program!
Little Girl Playing Flute    
           Mrs. Karina Server
             Miss Alicia Conrad 
             Conference - 2:00-2:45
              Email & Direct Line :
       Karina Server - kserver@nisdtx.org - 817-698-1176 
Alicia Conrad - aconrad@nisdtx.org - 817-698-1100 

Granger Choir - Mondays - 2:45-3:45 pm
Kuyanjana (African Marimba Ensemble)- Tuesdays - 2:45-3:45pm
Volunteers NEEDED!
We are always looking for parents to help us prepare sets for programs, help take money for recorders or shirts, chaperone, or any other number of things. Please e-mail and let us know when and how you can help us out. We are so thankful for a wonderful school full of volunteers that help their children's elementary years be educational, successful, meaningful and memory filled.
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If one of us does not respond to your email within 24 hours, 
please call our direct extension to leave a message.