Student Transfers
Student Transfers

The transfer window for intra-district and inter-district transfers runs from April 15th – June 15th each year.

For intra-district (inside the NISD attendance zones) transfers you will need to meet one of the criteria listed below with acceptable documentation. This does not automatically mean the transfer will be approved. The Elementary and Secondary Executive Directors look at each transfer on an individual basis.

For inter-district transfers, a student residing in another school district must be approved annually. The parent or person standing in parental relation to any student may request, by petition in writing, the assignment of a student to a campus other than the home campus in the attendance zone in which the student resides. There is no guarantee that a transfer will be granted for the current campus the student is attending annually. Therefore, an approved transfer will be in effect for the current school year only. This does not include students of employees who transfer into the district. An exception will be made for a student who is a junior or senior at an NISD high school or attending a district academy. Only one transfer may be granted per school year (see transfer form for “Reasons for Approval & Denial”). The application must be submitted within the designated timeframes of April 15 – June 15.

Open/Closed Campus Policy: Effective beginning July 1, 2006, each year the Board shall approve which campuses shall be open or closed for transfers as specified in FDB (EXHIBIT). If a previously open campus becomes designated as a closed campus for transfers, students submitting an intra-district renewal application shall be allowed to continue at the previously attended campus under the provisions allowed by this policy.

Bona Fide Residence: A student's bona fide residence shall be defined as the domicile that is the student's fixed, permanent, and principal housing for legal purposes. A student does not establish a bona fide residence by living in the District or a particular attendance zone for only a portion of the week or only on school days unless this arrangement is specified in a divorce decree or other court order. [See FD (REGULATION)]

Board Policy Reference FDB (LOCAL), (REGULATIONS)

Transfer requests must be submitted online. During the transfer window, access to the online transfer request form can be found on this page. All transfers are processed through the Offices of the Executive Directors of Elementary and Secondary Education. After the transfer window closes, parents must contact the appropriate office of either the Executive Director of Elementary or Secondary Education:

Elementary requests and submissions should be made to:
Martha Yorston

Secondary requests and submissions should be made to:
Hollie Bierlein