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Destination Imagination
2013-2014 season
Team Managers and co-managers

Greetings my FAVORITE volunteers at Beck!!!  I need all DI paperwork:  a printed copy of your team’s final registration form signed, and ALL your students media medical release forms.  I need it by this Friday, 11/22/2013. 

I am attaching a copy of the medical/media form for you.  It MUST be signed by parent and child.  Please send these attached to your regisitration form to the front office of Beck (keep copies of everything for yourself on tournament day) by Friday 11/25/2013. 


PLEASE make sure challenge number(3rd-5th)/rising star(if 1st or 2nd grade) and team number are on EACH form.


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2013-2014 GFW Regional Tournament
 Saturday, February 22, 2014(plan for an all day event)
Legacy High School
1263 North Main Street
Mansfield, Texas
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