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NISD Board of Trustees Amends 2016-2017 Academic Calendar, Last Day of School Moved Before Memorial Day

After the adoption of the 2016-2017 academic calendar at the February 8 School Board Meeting, Northwest ISD received additional information from the Texas Education Agency that they will honor multi-year waivers that are currently approved until they expire.  Northwest ISD has six early release day waivers that will not expire until 2017 and offers four hours of instruction time on early release days.  This means NISD is eligible for an additional 180 waiver minutes per early release day to reach the 420-minute requirement for a school day.  Using this calculation, the district was able to add 1,080 minutes back into the calendar, in addition to the 200 extra minutes.  The calendar will have a total of 1,280 minutes above the 75,600 minutes required by HB 2610. 

At the April 11 School Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to reduce the number of minutes in the school year to 76,000 which will end the school year on May 26, 2017. 

This equates to a total of 173 instructional days.  NISD teachers currently work 189 days.  Teacher calendars will now be aligned with surrounding districts by reducing the service days to 187 days, per Texas Education Code.  There will be no reduction in teacher salary for the reduced number of days.  The reduction of days will show an increase in hourly and daily rates only.  The annual salary will remain the same. 

The calendar will still have three bad weather days (February 20, March 20 and April 14) that are not counted into the minutes.  Additionally, the calendar will still end the semester break in December, with a new semester beginning in January 2017. The following change will be included into the newly amended calendar to coordinate with the new last day of school:

  • The February 17 staff development day has been moved to March 20 and designated a staff development/bad weather make up day to replace the day on May 26.  If the day is not used for a bad weather day, it will be an additional student holiday for spring break. 
  • The last day of school will be May 26, 2017.

TEA is still discussing the types of waivers (weather, staff development and early release) that will still be needed.  As soon as decisions are final, TEA will notify school districts.  To view the newly approved, revised calendar, please go to www.nisdtx.org/calendars