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Changes in Arrival/Dismissal Procedures-PLEASE READ CAREFULLY


                                           Arrival/DismissalProcedures 2013-2014

                                                                      Nance Elementary  


Below you will find procedures for our arrival and dismissal for the 2013-2014 school year.  We ask that you follow all campus procedures.  They are in place to ensure safety and security for all staff and students. There are some important points to keep in mind:


Our school start time is 7:45 am. Students should be in their seats and ready for instruction at 7:40 a.m.

        *After 7:45, all students must enter the school through the front office. Students will then pick up a tardy pass and proceed to class.

        *For your child’s safety, no students are allowed to be at school before 7:20 a.m. unsupervised.

        *Ride Changes:  A written note must be sent to your child's homeroom teacher in order to change your child's usual afternoon       
        transportation home. A printable copy of “A Note To School” is located on our campus website at select
        campus: Nance/General Information/Note toSchool.  No email requests will be accepted. 

        *For emergency dismissal changes, notify the front office at 817-698-1950 by 2:00 pm if your child’s usual afternoon dismissal has
        changed. No dismissal changes will be accepted after 2:00 pm. If you are checking your child out of school early
        (early dismissal) please check him/her out before 2:15 pm. No early dismissals after 2:15 pm.



Morning Arrival:

      *Breakfast is served from 7:20 a.m. until 7:35 a.m.

      *Students need to arrive early, so they can be in class at 7:45 a.m.ready to learn. 

      *All students will be allowed to walk to class starting at 7:20 a.m.

      *Beginning the 3rd week of school, K-2 students will go to the cafeteria and 3-5 students will go to the gym on Tuesdays and       
       Thursdays from 7:20-7:45 allowing tutoring time for select students. 



      If your child is being driven to school in the morning:

      *Cars will travel Evening View Drive and enter the back of school and form two lanes in front of the cafeteria.  
      *Eight cars (2 lanes wide and 4 deep) will enter in the drop off zone and will let their children out of the car. 
      *When all students have cleared the zone, the traffic monitor will motion for cars to leave the zone 
      *Cars will exit the zone onto Evening View Drive
      *Do NOT let your child out of the car until you are IN the drop off zone which is between the two crosswalks.
       *There is no parent drop-off in the front of the buiding.  Parents are welcome to park in a parking spot and walk their child across
        the cross-walk or into the building.



      *We welcome neighborhood parents walking their children to school  You may simply release them after crossing the crosswalk or 
       choose to sign in through the front office and walk them to class.  As the year progresses please help your student gain
       independence in walking to their classrooms. 

      *If arriving by car, a parent MUSTpark in a parking place in front of the school and walk with your child across the crosswalk.
      *Parents, we do ask you to help model using the crosswalk as you walk to and from your vehicles.

      *For safety and security there is no parent entry through the gym doors. 



       *Bus riders will unload in the front of the school, and all bus students will walk through the front doors.  



          *Students who ride bikes or walk will use the two crosswalks on Tierra Vista Way. Parents please stress that your child uses
          the crosswalk. Both walkers and bike riders will enter through the front doors.  Bike racks are provided in the front of the school    
         only. When one bike rack is full students must walk their bike to the other bike rack.  Bike riders from the back of the school
         will walk their bikes around the school.  
        *All bikes, scooters, skateboards MUST be walked on school property.



Afternoon Dismissal:


      *The school day ends at 2:45 p.m. Students will begin dismissal after this time. Please anticipate students not leaving the building
       until 2:55.  


      *Car riders will be escorted to the gym. Students will wait in grade level lines inside the gym until their name is called for loading.  

      *There will be three lines for pick-up.  All cars will be loaded with assistance from staff. Once all vehicles are safely loaded, the   
        traffic monitor will motion you forward to exit the loading zone.

      *Each child will receive a car visor identification sign at “Meet the Teacher Night” that details the child's name and grade. This sign
       must be visible in the car visor as you pull into the loading zones. Visibility of the sign will assist us in providing a safe and smooth
       process. If you need a sign please call the front office and one will be made and sent home with your child. 



        Bus riders will be escorted by a staff member out the front of the school to load the bus.


        Students walk with supervision to the cafeteria to be checked in by the daycare personnel. 


WALKERS and BIKE RIDERS-(these are students that ride or walk from school to home)

      *For children not able to walk all the way home by themselves, the district would prefer the child be picked up by car to ensure
       his/her safety. Due to a large number of walkers and bikers the following procedures have been created to ensure student safety.   
      *Walkers and bike riders will be escorted out the front exits of the building to the crosswalk on Evening View or Rising Knoll Lane.
      At Evening View students will go north or south to their respective neighborhoods.   For students walking south, a staff member
      will assist their crossing; a crossing guard will be at the corner to cross the students walking north. Parents choosing to wait for
      their children must wait north of the crosswalk (off school property) past the crossing guards to get their child. 
      *Bike riders must wear a helmet (it’s the law), and they must walk their bikes while on school property. This is a safety issue
       and should be discussed with your children.

       *It is recommended all bikes be secured with a lock.


For your child’s safety, do not park near the school and have your child walk to you.   Walkers are those that walk from school to home.


      For students who normally walk or ride bikes, parents are asked to call the school and make a ride change when bad weather

is anticipated.  For unexpected weather or safety situations, all walkers and bikers will be kept safe in the building.  Parents would proceed to the back of the building and get in the car line for student pick-up.  The students would be called and dismissed as car riders.



      In the event of a safety emergency or weather alert, students will stay in the building and participate in the appropriate safety procedure until the threat passes. Students would not be released to parents until conditions were safe.  Thank you for understanding the need to keep the students safe.