NISD Seeking Feedback on 2019-2020 School Calendar

As part of our annual calendar creation process, we are soliciting a vote from community members about options. Options for the calendar are created by the NISD Calendar Committee and later presented to the District Education Improvement Council. Both groups are made up of parents, teachers, community members and administrators. The vote will be available through Friday, January 11. Results will be presented to the school board for discussion at the January 14 Board of Trustee meeting and shared in Board Notes, a newsletter emailed to NISD families and community.

Should our board of trustees approve District of Innovation status, the option includes at least two choices with a start date before the regular start date set by the Texas Education Agency (the fourth Monday in August). The board is expected to vote on the District of Innovation status at the January 14 meeting.

The following table shows a brief summary of the differences in the calendars.

  Option A  Option B Option C
Requires District of Innovation  Yes Yes No
Start Date August 20
August 14
August 26
End Date May 22
Friday before Memorial Day
May 22
Friday before Memorial Day
May 29
Friday after Memorial Day
Built-In Professional Learning Time 5 6 2
Christmas Break 10 Teachers
12 Students
11 Teachers
13 Students
10 Teachers
12 Students
Benefits 1 week earlier start allows to have more even semesters. This calendar ends school before Memorial Day
Starts mid-week, allows for short breaks during the semester for students and professional learning for teachers. This option offers the most balance of the semesters.
This calendar has a late August start and looks most like our calendar for this year. 

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Option A

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Option C