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Superintendent Search

The Northwest ISD Board of Trustees has completed a search process for the school district's next superintendent, who will succeed Dr. Ryder Warren, as he will retire in July 2022.

In Texas, school boards oversee the employment of superintendents at public school districts. As such, a board evaluates the current superintendent and hires a new superintendent when needed. In this role, Northwest ISD trustees will determine candidates for the position with the assistance of Leasor Crass, which will search for candidates that meet trustees' desired traits and recommend those candidates to the school board.

Once candidates are selected, trustees will interview each individual before selecting a lone finalist. After a lone finalist is selected, a state-mandated 21-day waiting period will begin before trustees can officially offer him or her the job.

Following this process, the Northwest ISD named Dr. David Hicks the lone finalist for superintendent and later officially offered him the position. His first day in the role will take place Tuesday, May 17.

Superintendent Application & Requirements Information