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Policy Development

Policy development is a cooperative effort between the administration and the board within roles defined by law. Formulating policy recommendations is a task for administrators; policy adoption is a board activity. Texas Education Code 11.201 specifically charges the superintendent with preparing recommendations for policies to be adopted by the board of trustees and overseeing the implementation of adopted policies.

Northwest ISD works collaboratively with the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) legal and policy division to ensure that local policy reflects the intent of the law.

TASB localized policy updates are received periodically following any revisions as a result of legislation. These updates are reviewed by the respective district administrator and submitted to the board for review and adoption.

Types of policies

LEGAL policies compile federal law, state law, and court decisions, providing the statutory context in which all other policies should be read.

LOCAL policies reflect decisions made by your local school board.

REGULATION documents are directives to district employees from the superintendent's office.

EXHIBIT documents may contain forms, charts, and other kinds of supporting information.