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District Education Improvement Council


October 26, 2021

Co-chair Jeanna Lawrence called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m. and provided a welcome.

The meeting was attended by:

Ryder Warren - Administration
Jennifer Alaniz – Cox Elem
Lindsey Angell – Clara Love Elem
Mary Kay Barnhart – Beck Elem
Mackenzie Davidson – Seven Hills Elem
Lisa Degnan – Sendera Ranch Elem
Jennifer Dodd – Byron Nelson HS
Chelsey Dullye – Hughes Elem
Enriquita Espree – Lance Thompson Elem
Kristen Evans – Berkshire Elem
Amanda Fontana – Eaton HS
Kim Garrett – Northwest HS
Shaunda Garrison – JC Thompson Elem
Phillis Grissom – Community
Shirin Hamraei – Parent
Mandy Hill – Schluter Elem
Missy Hutson – Administration
Kim Jones – Clara Love Elem Librarian
Heidi Kaminski – Medlin MS
Jeanna Lawrence – Tidwell MS
Barbi Longbrake – Chisholm Trail MS
Kayla Nieder – Peterson Elem
Sunshine Olson – SpEd Assessment Staff
Amanda Piper-McClure – Administration
Andrea Plum – Roanoke Elem
Rebecca Pohly – Adams MS
Cindy Pool – JCT Elem
Heather Rogers – Hatfield Elem

Fawn Rohrer – Lakeview Elem
April Scott – Nance Elem
Angela Scott – Administration
Mary Seltzer – Student Services
Melissa Shawn – Administration
Amberley Tanner – Steele AHS
Tara Teague – Counselor 
Jenn Washam – Prairie View Elem
Joe Washam – Community 
Sarah Waterman – Curtis Elem
Mallory Watkins – Haslet Elem
Ryan Weiss – Tidwell MS 
Keirstin Wood – Community 
Marie Yost – Wilson MS 
Edith Farmer – Granger Elem 
Kim Barker – Administration
Michael Griffin – Administration
Brian Carter – Administration 
Cara Carter – Administration 
Logan Faris – Administration
Bobby Aucoin – Administration
Stephanie Espinosa – Administration
Christie Hobbs – Administration
Micah Gierkey - Administration
Melissa DeSimone – Administration
Anthony Tosie – Administration
Tommy Osbourne – Administration 

Dr. Stephanie Espinosa discussed the school calendar for 2022-2023. She shared a draft calendar and requested input and feedback to be considered in creating and finalizing the calendar via the provided survey by Nov. 12.  

Dr. Warren shared a construction update in relation to the 2021 Bond. He reviewed projects approved by voters and the approximate timeline. Anthony Tosie shared an update on the district’s website redesign. He showed the redesigned website that’s in process and discussed the new district and campus formats. The plan is to launch the new website in January 2022 after Winter Break.  

Dr. Warren discussed staff morale. He shared the results of the staff Engage survey from April 2021. He asked DEIC to discuss and consider what we can do better to show appreciation and to increase the feeling of meaningful work. He asked for input on ways to improve as well as things that decrease staff morale and engagement on the provided survey by Tuesday, November 2.  

DEIC members are asked to provide input on the following: 

2022-2023 School Calendar by November 12

Staff engagement by Tuesday, November 2. 

Jeanna Lawrence provided closing remarks and adjourned the meeting at 4:53 p.m.