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September 13, 2022

Jeanna Lawrence called the meeting to order at 4:16 p.m.

The meeting was attended by:

Michael Griffin – Administration

Ashley Anthony – Chisholm Trail MS

Monty Brown – SPC

Aaren Burnett – Curtis Elem.

Kristina Clark – Clara Love Elem.

Jennifer Dodd – Byron Nelson HS

Sandy Dougherty – Sendera Ranch Elem.

Kristen Evans - Berkshire Elem.

Kim Garrett Northwest HS

Mandy Hill – Schluter Elem.

Missy Hutson – Administration

Heidi Kaminski – Medlin MS

Jeanna Lawrence – Tidwell MS

Julianna Lockard – Seven Hills Elem.

Colleen Main – Hughes Elem.

Norma Meyers – PTA Council President

Kim Morgan – Prairie View Elem. 

Amanda Piper-McClure – Administration

Andrea Plum – Roanoke Elem.

Heather Rogers – Hatfield Elem.

Rebecca Pohly – Adams MS

Erika Scheffe – Eaton HS

Angela Scott - Administration

Mary Seltzer - Administration

Melissa Shawn – Administration

Mandy Smiley – Haslet Elem.

Lauren Smith – Pike MS

Amberley Tanner – Steele Early College HS

Joe Washam – Community

Jennifer Washam – Justin Elem.

Administrative (Non-Voting)  Personnel

Logan Faris - Administration
Kitty Poehler - Administration
Kim Barker - Administration
Eric Drewery - Administration
Cara Carter – Administration

Christie Hobbs - Administration
Melissa DeSimone - Administration
Anthony Tosie - Administration
Tim McClure - Administration
Gilberto Prado - Administration

Dr. Michael Griffin welcomed everyone.  Each member introduced themselves, gave their title and years of service to DEIC. She did an overview of the agenda and thanked everyone for being a part of this year’s DEIC.

Dr. Griffin spoke of how the district is honoring Dr. Hicks and what a kind, caring, and compassionate man he was. One of the things he was most passionate about was his random acts of kindness.  She let everyone know the things the district is doing in his honor.

  • Share thoughts and memories on Facebook page that will be given to the Hick family.
  • The principals were instrumental in coming up with a way to honor Dr. Hicks by everyone wearing Texas Rangers attire or red, white, and blue on Thursday, September 15.
  • The campuses also came together and created a #HeartsLikeHicks them to encourage acts of kindness to honor Dr. Hick’s legacy of service. 
  • In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for donation to the David Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Dr. Griffin asked for volunteers to co-chair with Jenna Lawrence, Amberly Tanner from Steele Early College HS volunteered. Co-chair Jenna Lawrence – Returning Chair from Tidwell Middle School asked for a vote. The vote was unanimous, Amberly Tanner is co-chair.

Dr. Griffin provided the required training for DEIC members which included the purpose of DEIC, DEIC duties, and DEIC requirements. She also gave the dates of the next meetings and asked for discussion on whether they prefer in-person or zoom. The committee voted unanimously for the October, January, and March meeting to be via zoom and the last one in May to be in-person.

Dr. Griffin gave an overview of the district including a fun fact that it is half the size of LA and six Disney Worlds could fit inside it. Tim will give an update on the Long-Range Planning Committee at the next meeting.

Dr. Griffin discussed the 2022 – 2023 District Improvement Plan (DIP), she touched on the three strategic goals and seven performance objectives. The committee can expect and email around Tuesday, September 20 to review the DIP. The will be asked to complete an electronic vote to approve/disapprove of the DIP by Thursday, September 22.  The DIP will go to the board for review on September 26 and it will be an action item on October 17.  

Dr. Griffin let the committee know that the board has decided to postpone the Strategic Summit until after we have a new Superintendent is named. They will also need to vote on an extension of the three strategic goals and seven performance objectives.

  • Dr. Mary Seltzer discussed the changes in the student code of conduct.  Since there was no legislative session there were only minor changes. There were changes in some of the language and additions to the Quick Reference Guide.  She touched on dress and grooming, the basic principle of our expectations, our district standard for what students must wear and what they may and may not wear. Dr. Seltzer also went over changes in the handbook regarding HB4545 and students participating in telehealth appointments while on campus. She mentioned we use the TASBA model for our Student Code of Conduct.
  • Tim McClure went over the COVID protocols and Return to Learn plan. The COVID taskforce has made some adaptations with minor changes.  These changes include going from 10 day to 5 days on COVID health protocols and we no longer consider close contact or send out letters. He noted the four primary categories that are outlined:
    • Promoting Healthy Behaviors
    • Maintaining Healthy Environments
    • Maintaining Healthy Operations
    • Preparing for Illness

Dr. Griffin reminded everyone that the deadline to register to vote is October 11.

Before closing the meeting, Jeanna Lawrence mentioned she brought a coworker who teaches Texas History to the May meeting. She shared another example of Dr. Hick’s random acts of kindness when he gave the teacher a framed picture related to Texas History. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.