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District Education Improvement Council


September 14, 2021

Co-chair Jeanna Lawrence called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m. and provided a welcome.

The meeting was attended by:

Ryder Warren - Administration 
Jennifer Alaniz – Cox Elem 
Lindsey Angell – Clara Love Elem 
Mary Kay Barnhart – Beck Elem
Mackenzie Davidson – Seven Hills Elem
Lisa Degnan – Sendera Ranch Elem
Jennifer Dodd – Byron Nelson HS
Chelsey Dullye – Hughes Elem 
Enriquita Espree – Lance Thompson Elem
Kristen Evans – Berkshire Elem 
Amanda Fontana – Eaton HS 
Shaunda Garrison – JC Thompson Elem
Phillis Grissom – Community 
Shirin Hamraei – Parent 
Mandy Hill – Schluter Elem 
Missy Hutson – Administration 
Jenn Burton – NEF 
Kim Jones – Clara Love Elem Librarian
Heidi Kaminski – Medlin MS 
Jeanna Lawrence – Tidwell MS 
Barbi Longbrake – Chisholm Trail MS
Chasidy Murphy – Business  
Kayla Nieder – Peterson Elem 
Sunshine Olson – SpEd Assessment Staff
Andrea Plum – Roanoke Elem 
Jordan Ricks – Pike MS 
Heather Rogers – Hatfield Elem 
Fawn Rohrer – Lakeview Elem 
April Scott – Nance Elem 
Angela Scott – Administration 

Mary Seltzer – Student Services
Melissa Shawn – Administration
Amberley Tanner – Steele AHS 
Tara Teague – Counselor 
Georgia Hammonds – Granger Elem Amanda
Piper-McClure – Administration
enn Washam – Prairie View Elem 
Joe Washam – Community 
Sarah Waterman – Curtis Elem 
Mallory Watkins – Haslet Elem 
Ryan Weiss – Tidwell MS 
Keirstin Wood – Community 
Logan Faris – Administration 
Bobby Aucoin – Administration
Jonathan Pastusek – Administration
Stephanie Espinosa – Administration
Kitty Poehler – Administration 
Kim Barker – Administration 
Michael Griffin – Administration 
Brian Carter – Administration 
Cara Carter – Administration 
Christie Hobbs – Administration 
Micah Gierkey - Administration
Melissa DeSimone – Administration
Anthony Tosie – Administration 
Kim Caley – Administration 
Tim McClure – Administration 
Mark Vechione – Administration
Wendy Bransen – Hatfield Elem 

Dr. Warren introduced Shaunda Garrison as DEIC co-chair and provided an overview of the District Education Improvement Council roles and responsibilities. Dr. Warren provided an overview of the district. He encouraged DEIC members to email if you are interested in serving on the Strategic Summit next fall to help develop the district’s Beliefs, Vision, Mission, and Goals.  

Dr. Warren reviewed the development of the District Improvement Plan. DEIC members should expect an email Tuesday, September 21, to review the District Improvement Plan. Members should submit their electronic vote (approval/disapproval) for the DIP by the end of the day on Thursday, September 23. District waivers were presented and discussed. 

  • Kim Barker discussed the Class Size Waiver. Texas Education Code creates class size limits and the Board-approved staffing structure exceeds some of those limits creating a need for waivers.
  • Dr. Melissa DeSimone presented the Alternative 7th Grade Reading Proficiency Waiver. Texas Education Code requires each district for 7th grade only to administer a reading instrument adopted issued by the Commissioner. This waiver allows an alternative proficiency using two assessment tools we already have in place instead of using the Commissioner’s instruments so that additional testing would not be required.
  • Micah Gierkey presented the Remote Homebound Services Waiver. Remote Homebound Services Waiver is required if a student qualifies for homebound services but needs those services provided remotely.
  • Dr. Logan Faris provided the Foreign Exchange Students Waiver. TEA allows us to limit the number of foreign exchange students. This is a process every three years, and the recommendation is to continue to limit the number of foreign exchanges students to six per comprehensive high school.

A motion was made by Jenn Washam to approve the waivers as recommended by the administration. A second was made by Amberly Tanner. The waivers as recommended were unanimously approved. Dr. Mary Seltzer provided an overview of the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, sharing changes for the 2021-2022 school year.  

Dr. Warren reminded DEIC members of three important things to be reviewed this year: District Improvement Plan, Academic Calendar, and Professional Development Plans. Dr. Warren encouraged member to contact co-chairs Jeanna Lawrence or Shaunda Garrison or himself if something comes up throughout the year that they have a question about or would like to discuss: 

The meeting adjourned at 4:58 p.m.