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Legislative Affairs

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Anticipated Third Special Session on School Choice

To learn more about Northwest ISD’s efforts in preparation for a likely third special session on school choice, visit our Advocacy Committee webpage.

2023 Northwest ISD Legislative Priorities

Northwest ISD regularly advocates for public education to elected state officials. The NISD Board of Trustees approved the district's legislative priorities in December 2022 that best represent the interest of the district, its students, and families.

The priorities focus on three key areas: supporting our public schools and improving public school funding, student learning and success, and local decision-making. These priorities will guide the district’s advocacy efforts.

Support public schools and improve public school fund.

  • Increase and adjust the basic allotment each biennium based on the rate of inflation and fund school districts from enrollment instead of Average Daily Attendance. 
  • Reduce the burden of recapture, such as providing a discount for districts that make early recapture payments. Increase the threshold of when recapture begins with an increase in the basic allotment and funding structure based on enrollment, creating a higher floor. 
  • Oppose any effort to divert local property tax revenue for any non-public education purpose. Ensure charter schools and other education-related systems receiving public funds have financial and academic accountability to the public in line with accountability measures for public school districts. 

Support student learning and success.

  • Advocate for the establishment of a comprehensive accountability system that includes meaningful, diversified data points, as well as flexible measures that parents and local communities value.  
  • Pause accountability ratings to allow one full year to properly implement new STAAR assessment changes. 
  • Prioritize funding and incentives for teacher recruitment and retention that offer local flexibility.

Support local decision-making.

  • Support community-focused governance and local flexibility to meet student and staff needs.
  • Ensure all bond and tax rate election ballot language is clear, transparent, and understandable. Revise required language that misleads voters. Oppose legislation that limits dates upon which elections may be held or that creates additional requirements, such as voter turnout thresholds.  

Contact Us

Northwest ISD's legislative matters are managed by Angela Scott, public affairs coordinator. Ms. Scott can be reached via email at or by phone at 817-698-0188.