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Advocacy Committee

Our Purpose 

To inform and engage legislators and to advocate for Northwest ISD’s Legislative Priorities on behalf of students, staff, and the NISD community.

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Special Session for Education (Education Savings Accounts) and Border Security

Governor Greg Abbott immediately called a fourth special session of the 88th Legislature to begin November 7. The proclamation  included the establishment of education savings accounts, school funding, public school accountability, school safety measures, border security, and more. 

Northwest ISD continues to advocate against private-school vouchers where there is no public accountability for public tax dollars and does not support what appears to be a political tradeoff to offer an increase in public school funding in exchange for private-school vouchers. 

In Northwest ISD, we believe in the importance of supporting public education and all students. Public funds should be held publicly accountable and Texas schools should be adequately funded to include adjustments for inflation so that local school districts can value and retain staff through competitive salaries. We do not believe private school funding should be prioritized over public schools or be given without academic and financial accountability.
As this special session unfolds, please share your personal views on Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and private-school vouchers with our local Northwest ISD legislators.

Contact Your Local Legislators

When contacting your legislators, consider sharing your home address and/or identifying yourself as a constituent, parent, employee, etc. of Northwest ISD or a specific area. Legislators often give more consideration to their local constituents.

Special Session Resources

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