District seeks additional input for 2020-2021 school year calendar

One of the most important yearly decisions our school board members make is the adoption of the academic calendar for the new school year. The voting results from NISD stakeholders are the best feedback we get for this decision, and we opened the voting for the 2020-2021 calendar last week. As of today, we’ve received over 6,000 votes.

Calendar version “B” received almost 500 more votes than our “A” version. However, because of the number of comments we received regarding the start date of school next August, we are going to conduct one more round of voting before the school board adopts next year’s calendar. The commenters felt the district was beginning school too early in August.

You have two versions of the most popular calendar in the previous poll to consider. The “B” version is the same one you considered last week, with an August 13 start date and May 21 end date. The “C” version is the same calendar, but school starts and ends one week later – August 20 and May 28.

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