HS Lunch To Go (Online Orders)
HS Lunch To Go (Online Ordering)

At NISD High Schools, you may order any of the below salads and wraps.  Your order will be ready for pick up at the beginning of your lunch service.  Orders will be ready for pick-up when your lunch service begins.

Rules: All "Lunch To Go" orders MUST be placed by 8:30 AM to have ready for lunch. Orders placed after 8:30 AM will not be made. "Lunch To Go" orders will be charged to your meal account when you submit your order.  Your order will not be made if you don’t have enough money on your meal account for your order.

Select Your Pick Up Location:
Your order will be available at the location you pick.  
Orders will not be ready until the first lunch begins.

Lunch Shift:
* Your salad will be available during your lunch shift.

Name (First & Last): 

ID Number (Your order will be charged to this account prior to making your order) 

Is this order for today's lunch 
Yes  No
If no, please insert date: 

Please choose which item you are ordering:

WRAPS, $3.75

Chicken Caesar Wrap, $3.75
Chicken + Tomato + Romaine Lettuce + Onion + Creamy Caesar + Parmesan Cheese + Tortilla

Turkey Santa Fe Wrap, $3.75
Turkey + Black Bean Salsa + May + Romaine Lettuce + Tomato + Tortilla 

Turkey and Cheddar Wrap, $3.75
Turkey + Romaine Lettuce + Tomato + Cheddar + Tortilla

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap, $3.75 
Chicken + Tomato + Romaine Lettuce + Buffalo Sauce + Ranch + Tortilla
SALADS, $4.00
Spinach Strawberry Salad
Romaine Lettuce + Spinach + Strawberries
Ham & Turkey Cobb Salad
Ham + Turkey + Bacon + Egg + Cheddar Cheese + Cabbage + Carrots + Romaine Lettuce
 Tropical Chicken Salad
Chicken + Mandarin Oranges + Strawberries + Cheddar Cheese + Romaine Lettuce
 Southwest Chicken Salad
Fajita Chicken + Romaine Lettuce + Tomato + Black Beans + Corn + Cheddar Cheese


Please pick the type of chicken:
*If you got a Turkey Cobb Salad, leave this question blank.*

If you ordered a salad, please select your dressing:
** All salads come with one 2 oz. salad dressing, if you want additional salad dressing each additional dressing is $0.35.**

Creamy Italian


Honey Mustard

Please insert the number of additional dressings you would like.  
Each additional dressing is $0.35. 

** All orders submitted after 8:30 AM will not be prepared for lunch**
Orders will be ready when the first lunch service begins.

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