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NISD nurses are working hard behind the scenes to continue to support students during our extended distance learning period.   It is easy to get overwhelmed looking at the news and internet.   Your campus nurse may be able to help you sort through the information to find what you are looking for.   We are also working in coordination with NISD counselors and administrators to identify families in need.  Northwest ISD is dedicated to supporting our students and families during this challenge.  
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TO:                Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers   FROM:          Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:     Superintendent's Update DATE:            November 17, 2017     I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall semester.  As we enter our Thanksgiving holiday, I want to remind everyone that we have so much to truly be thankful for.  From the school district's point of view, the 23,000+ students you allow us to work with every day are our biggest blessings. We are also blessed with more than 3,000 NISD staff members - highlighted by our classroom teachers. And we cannot forget the parents, caregivers, and community members who truly make NISD special.  Thank you for all that you do to support our schools and our children.  I have a renewed appreciation for our students and teachers and the energy and excitement for learning that they share. I had the opportunity to spend the day in a classroom as a guest educator (substitute teacher) earlier this week. It was pure joy to be back in the classroom.   As superintendent, it's sometimes too easy to get bogged down in the daily work and lose sight of why we're really here. What's happening in the classroom and the opportunities students can take advantage of is amazing. The day was a great reminder of what an important job our teachers are tasked with. Our students are our future, and we must be mindful of their limitless potential.   I am thankful for the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees who provide us the vision to truly shape future-ready students. Their leadership and the time they selflessly give to serving this district too often goes unrecognized but is greatly appreciated.   As you may remember, our school board currently has an open position. On December 4, the board intends to determine whether or not to fill the open position or leave it vacant until the May 2018 election. As Board President Mark Schluter shared at Monday's meeting, an agenda item will be added to the special meeting that had been previously set for the board's annual required training. Once a decision is made, we will share with you the board's intention and next steps.   Thank you all again for the support you give our children.  If there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to let us know. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, enjoying time with your loved ones and remembering how much we have to be thankful for.   Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools Northwest Independent School District
Posted by AScott  On Feb 28, 2018 at 9:59 PM
TO:                Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers   FROM:          Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:     Superintendent's Update DATE:            November 2, 2017     Northwest ISD parents, caregivers, and stakeholders, I need to address an issue that was covered by many news outlets in our area. On October 31, 2017, the district was informed that one of our school board members, Mr. Mel Fuller, was arrested for suspicion of possessing child pornography.    I can provide very few facts at this time, but the following is what I can relate to you:  There is no reason to believe that the alleged conduct involved Mr. Fuller's role as a school board member.   Mr. Fuller resigned from the school board, effective November 1, 2017.   The NISD Board of Trustees will be discussing how to fill the vacancy in upcoming, regularly scheduled board meetings. A copy of the press releases issued by NISD and the Trophy Club Police Department are available by clicking the links. I urge everyone to keep all those who need support right now in your thoughts and prayers. There are challenges that come to us every school year - some very big and some very small - but the main point is to keep our focus on the kids.    Please understand we are business as usual in the district and in our schools. This news will not impact the quality of instruction we provide our students every day.  We are seeing so many kids excel this year, and I am very proud of that. Thank you all again for the support you give our children. If there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to let us know.    Sincerely,   Dr. Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools Northwest Independent School District
Posted by AScott  On Feb 28, 2018 at 9:57 PM
TO:                          NISD Families and Stakeholders FROM:                     Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools SUBJECT:               NISD Update - September 15, 2017 Every time I write an update to you, I sound like a broken record, but please know I continue to see absolute excellence on our campuses.  Our kids are working harder than I've ever seen, and our staff (especially our classroom teachers) are right there with them.  We appreciate all of those efforts.  As of today (Friday, September 15, 2017), we have 23,135 students.  This is right at 1,100 students more than we had this time last year, and the district feels blessed with every single one of them - the students who have always been a part of us, and the new crew coming in.   For the first part of my update to you, I want to address one of NISD's 2017-2018 academic initiatives.  Before a school district does anything else with students, it must make sure a solid, research-based literacy program is in place.  NISD has placed literacy and reading as the highest academic priority for quite a while.  Please know that parents and caregivers also play a huge role in this effort.  I spoke to a group of our awesome PTA parents this week, and I reported that it is very easy for our teachers to tell when children come from homes that stress literacy and reading.  They are so much more ready to learn when they come to us with an already built-in love for reading.   Please make it a goal for your home to stress reading.  For the parents of our younger children, keep reading to them and with them every day.  For our older students who might think it very weird for their parents to be reading to them, just stress the importance of their continued reading and what it will do for future success in our schools and beyond.  Students must have complete command of the English language before they leave us, and we need to work together - parents, teachers, staff, community members, and students - to make sure this fundamental goal is a reality for every one of our 23,000+ students.   Finally, let me update everyone on what continues to be our biggest challenge this school year - our transportation services.  Again let me reiterate how sorry I am that some issues have persisted.  We are still working with Durham School Services to make all of the changes that are needed to accommodate our bus riders, but we are still trailing behind in some areas.  Just so everyone will know what has transpired so far, let me give information on the decisions made so far, which include:  (1)  Leadership Change at Durham School Services Because of ongoing issues we've had with Durham, the company is in the process of replacing its three top leadership positions in the transportation department.  I am happy to report that a new general manager, Mr. Vince Galgano, has started with Durham this week. Durham shares Mr. Galgano has come to this area with many years of experience in a leadership role for their company.  (2)  Bus Route Adjustments, with New Route Additions beginning Monday As we do every year, we are experiencing some routes that are too crowded.  We started the year with 165 morning and afternoon routes.  To date, Durham has added 5 routes to that and will potentially add more because families are still coming forward asking for transportation services, so we will make those adjustments. NISD's administrative team continues to meet weekly with Durham School Services' team for status updates to routes and to monitor any reports of potential overcrowding to busload capacity. There are some new routes in areas that will begin on Monday, September 18. If a newly added bus route affects your child, you may have already received a phone call from Durham yesterday letting you know of the change that will go into effect beginning Monday. Durham plans to continue to make phone calls today and tomorrow, Saturday, September 16.  I cannot stress to you enough that NISD does not want
Posted by AScott  On Feb 28, 2018 at 9:56 PM
TO:                 Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers   FROM:           Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:      New School Year is Underway! DATE:             August 29, 2017     The 2017-2018 school year is officially underway! It was my honor to welcome more than 22,700 students on the first day of school, and I have enjoyed being on campuses and witnessing our schools buzzing with excitement and smiling faces.   I cannot thank our parents and caregivers enough for our students. Over the past two days, I have visited multiple campuses and classrooms, and I am so impressed with the work ethic and behavior our kids are showing right now, and much of that can be attributed to excellent parenting. Overall, the first day was a great success, and I am so proud of our students and staff for their preparation and eagerness to start the new school year. The first day is never without a few bumps, so please know that we appreciate your patience and support as we adapt and improve transportation schedules, registration and proof of residency requirements, and other issues.   Transportation is always one of our biggest challenges at the beginning of the school year. The company NISD contracts with for these services, Durham Transportation, is working with NISD leadership as I write this to get everything ironed out. We have normal challenges we deal with every year - hundreds more students riding the bus, reworked and additional routes, new bus drivers, and the unique traffic issues of our area. In addition to these issues, there have been some technology breakdowns this year we did not anticipate, so Durham and the NISD Technology Department are working through that as well.    It is very important that parents and caregivers understand this - if you have not received specific bus/transportation information from Durham as of yet, please make sure you have arranged transportation for your children to and from school. Because of the changes our district goes through every year, it usually take about two weeks to get all transportation challenges managed. Even though we have some additional issues this year, it is still my expectation that these challenges will be met ASAP. Thank you for your patience on this, and please know we have a lot of people working on it right now.   As far as our student growth and the effect that has on our campuses, we will continue to monitor classroom sizes and our increasing enrollment. Our school district is growing by approximately 1,100 students every school year. Our Northwest ISD Board of Trustees are committed to doing what is best for our students, and preparing for this rapid growth takes a lot of pre-planning. We work with our demographer and consider student registration counts in an effort to control class sizes as much as we can and hopefully avoid the need to hire additional staff and split existing classrooms - which unfortunately can be a side effect of being a fast-growth school district.   In other school district news, you might recall the NISD community supported a bond referendum in May 2017 to provide funding for renovations, expansions, and new facilities as our district grows. With the passage of the bond election, our board approved a combined tax rate of $1.49 per $100 property valuation at the board meeting last night, August 28.   The new tax rate represents a 4 cent increase to the Interest and Sinking portion of the tax rate because of the approved $399 million bond which will fund building projects over the next five years. (Click here to view the anticipated timeline of new facilities and expansions.) The Maintenance and Operations portion of the tax rate remains the same at $1.04. Across the state, school taxes fund school district budgets (Northwest ISD's 2017-2018 budget can be found in the June 26 board agenda packet). Each portion of the tax rate funds different expenditures: Interest and Sinking (I&S), the portion of the tax rate that is used fo
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TO:               Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers   FROM:           Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:      Welcome Back to School! DATE:             August 18, 2017     I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. The summer of 2017 might go down as one of the fastest breaks we've had, and the first day of school - Monday, August 28 - will be here before you know it. I truly cannot describe how excited we are in the school district to get the kids back. Our teachers and staff are preparing to make this the best year yet for your child, and we can't wait to get to know him or her and to learn and grow together.   As parents and caregivers, we all have different experiences during a year of school. My wife and I have registered our youngest son for his high school senior year, and this brings a whole new dynamic to our family. There are many NISD families that will have seniors this year, so the Warren family wishes you the very best of luck during this time of family transition. I also know we have many parents who are experiencing NISD for the first time - you may have young students coming into our system or you might be new residents. For both groups who are new to NISD, please know we want to welcome you to the district, to your school, and to our area.   The official Northwest ISD theme for the 2017-2018 school year is "Excellence for All." We want to make sure that every child, all staff, and every stakeholder has an opportunity to excel. This is our pledge to you this year - we want to work with you so that we see academic, social, and emotional growth in our children every day.   I truly believe we have a special school district. Please know you have almost 3,000 staff members who are going to dedicate themselves to caring for every one of our 23,000+ students this year. We are also going to dedicate ourselves to partnering with all parents and caregivers to make our children "Future Ready." This means - no matter what their age - we will do everything we can to get our children ready for the higher education institution of their choice, the occupation in the global workforce they dream of, and the means to achieve their definition of personal success.   During this busy time, there is much to do to get ready for school on August 28. To help you get ready for the first day, following are a few tips:   Complete online registration. If you haven't already done so, please complete your child's online registration as soon as possible. While you have until August 22, the sooner you can complete your registration and submit all required documentation the better. Remember this year begins our new process to verify residency inside NISD. As we continue to grow in student enrollment, we must verify that we are making room for every Northwest student in the district, so please make sure you provide that documentation. We downloaded a copy of our electric bill to register our son, and there are many other forms of documentation that can be submitted as well.   Class schedules will be available in the Home Access Center for middle and high school students beginning August 21, if your child's registration and required Proof of Residency and immunizations have been submitted and verified by your child's campus. Please keep in mind that our campus staff must check every student's information, so we ask that you please be patient with us as we verify this important information for more than 23,000 students.   Our campus staff is doing a wonderful job with the registration process, and if you have any questions about online enrollment, please click here.   Attend the Back-to-School activities for your school(s). Our schools have planned some informative and helpful opportunities to prepare you and your child(ren) for the start of the new year. Click here to view the Back-to-School events and activities for each campus, so you will be able to get to know all of our campus staff.    Determine how your child wil
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TO:             Northwest ISD Parents and Caregivers   FROM:        Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:  Campus Enrollment Changes - Proof of Residency DATE:         July 21, 2017   I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. Between our budget adoption processes, the hiring challenges we always go through during the summer, and the special session of our State Legislature, it has been a very interesting couple of months for us. However, having said all that, we are really looking forward to getting our children back in school (as I know many parents are ready as well!).    The purpose of this note is to make sure all are aware of a change this year in our enrollment requirements. Returning student enrollment begins this coming Monday, July 24, and you will receive an e-mail with a link and code to complete the registration information. In addition to completing online enrollment, we are also asking that all students (new and returning) provide proof of residency this year. While this may not be anything new for families who have lived in other school districts, this is a new step for families who have been in Northwest ISD for their child's entire education.    Our staff have tried to make the process as simple as possible for you. You can scan and upload your proof of residency - such as a recent gas, water, or electric bill - during the online enrollment process, bring it to a registration event, or take it to your child's school. You are welcome to choose what is most convenient for you. It doesn't matter how you get us the information, but it will be required in order for your child to remain in Northwest ISD schools.   I am looking forward to having more than 23,000 students for the 2017-2018 school year - an increase of approximately 1,000 students from last year. As you know, we live in one of the greatest spots in North Texas, and our area is drawing families from across the nation and world. This rapid growth and the need to expand and build new facilities is the primary reason we needed to add residency verification for all students. While the district has always expected that students live in the district (as required by law unless approved for a qualifying transfer), this extra step will help ensure that district taxpayers are funding the education of NISD students.   Enjoy your summer, and know that we cannot wait to welcome your child to a bright new year. The Northwest ISD teachers and staff are working to make this the best year yet for your child, and we will see you August 28 for the first day of school. If you have any questions about the enrollment process or the residency requirement, please contact the Enrollment Online Help Desk at 817-698-1099. Thank you for your support!   Sincerely,      Dr. Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools Northwest Independent School District
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TO:                              Northwest ISD Parents, Caregivers, and Stakeholders   FROM:                        Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools   SUBJECT:                  2016-17 School Year     It is absolutely crazy that we are at the end of our 2016-2017 school year.  It seems as I get older, the school years go faster and faster.  Now that we are at the end of our school year, the most important message from me to all of you is an emphatic “Thank You!”   This school year will go down as one of the most successful years we’ve had, and that directly correlates with the strength of our students and parents, our teachers and support staff members, and our community members.  As we do every school year, we had so many challenges, but more times than naught, we met every one of those challenges head on, and please know I am very proud of the efforts I witnessed this year.    As was reported at the beginning of the year, there were seven specific goals undertaken by the district this school year, which included:   ·         Goal #1 - Increase the number of students identified as reading on or above grade level in grades K-3 to meet the goals set forth in the NISD Profile of a Graduate.   ·         Goal #2 - Continue to align with the Profile of a Graduate by increasing opportunities, participation, and performance in the area of Advanced Academics and enhance the curriculum and resources in order to improve the overall learning experience for students.   ·         Goal #3 - Increase academic success of students within – Bilingual/English as a Second Language, Career and Technology, No Child Left Behind (Title 1), and Special Education.    ·         Goal #4 - Support campus instructional programs by enhancing the curriculum and resources in order to improve overall learning experiences for students.   ·         Goal #5 - Analyze expenditure patterns and future revenue estimates to reduce reliance on local district fund balance to fund Maintenance and Operations yearly budget.   ·         Goal #6 - Promote a climate and culture within Northwest ISD to ensure that actions align to the core beliefs and vision of the District.   ·         Goal #7 - Work with the district’s Long-Range Planning Committee to develop a plan that anticipates and prepares for enrollment gains.   As we analyze the metrics we use to gauge progress on these goals this summer, we will continue to raise the academic bar for our children, because our world is ever changing for them.  We cannot sit on the successes of the past.  We must continue to grow as a district.   One goal you will continue to receive information on over the next several years is the successful school bond election that was approved by voters in the May election.  By the time school begins this August, our expectation will be to report to all stakeholders the building schedule for the next several years.  All 28 campuses will see improvements from the approved bond election, so it is very important we all know the schedule that will be followed to hopefully avoid confusion and surprises.   Finally, I want to say a specific “Thank You” to the parents and caregivers of NISD.  Especially on behalf of our teachers, please know we could not experience any kind of success with the students if you were not part of the equation.  Teaching is difficult and challenging every day; however, with the overwhelming support we receive from our families, it makes a very demanding task much more manageable.    Northwest ISD is a special district – I say that more as a parent of the district than as the superintendent.  I have specifically witnessed my son grow in Northwest, and he has been challenged every day to be better.  Thank you all for your support of our schools and most importantly – your support of our children.   Everyone have a wonderful and very safe summer!   Sincerely,   Ryder Warren, Superintendent of Schools Northwest Independent School District
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