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For those employees who are on the NISD Medical Plan, I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the difference between “free standing/standalone emergency rooms” and urgent care facilities.  Throughout the Dallas /Fort Worth area, you may see these facilities adjacent to grocery stores or in strip malls.  If the facility has the term “emergency” anywhere, in the name, it is licensed as an emergency room and the cost for treatment will be processed as such.  The majority of the “free standing emergency rooms” are not in the Cigna Network.  The only “free standing emergency room” in our area that is in the Cigna Network is Legacy Emergency Room and Urgent Care located at 8950 North Tarrant Parkway, North Richland Hills, TX 76180.

When an employee or a dependent is seen in the Emergency Room the NISD Employee Medical Plan will pay the claim at the network rate.  Unfortunately, the Emergency Room Physicians throughout the State of Texas are not employees of the hospitals or the standalone facilities.  Many of our employees have received bills for the difference between what has been paid and not been paid by the health plan.

The NISD Health Plan pays according to in-network and out-network status.  Fiscally the plan cannot pay for the balance bills that participants receive when treated in the Emergency Room.  The Benefits and Risk Management Team will work with our clinic partner Texas Health Resources to negotiate fees paid by the Health Plan and its participants.

There are many urgent care facilities such as CareNow and Medspring and these should be considered when care is needed after NISD clinic hours.  If there is truly a life-threatening emergency take the steps to seek the proper medical care. 

The list of in-network hospitals and urgent care facilities is posted on the Benefits and Risk Management website.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Benefits and Risk Management Office at 817-215-0043.

Allegiance Customer Service Number:  1-800-877-1122

Provider Lookup Link:  Allegiance CIGNA Provider Search

Information contained in these directories are updated six days per week, excluding holidays, Sundays, or interruptions due to system maintenance, upgrades or unplanned outages.  This information is subject to change at any time.  Providers may delay communicating to Cigna that they no longer accept new patients so we cannot guarantee that each provider is still accepting new patients.  Please check with the health care professional before scheduling your appointment or receiving services or call Cigna Customer Service at the toll free number on your Cigna ID card to confirm he or she is participating in Cigna's network.

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