Architectural Design
Architectural Design

  • Visualize, design, and construct 3D models and generate a wide range of full-color prototypes, prints, and 3D computer-aided drawings

  • Work alongside industry professionals to explore all aspects of a quality architectural firm

  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio with computerized architectural and mechanical drafting designs 

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Architectural Design Career Tree:

Architectural Design Career Tree

Architectural Design Sequence of Courses:

  Career Awareness
Career Exploration Career Preparation Career Training
Course Sequence
 Principles of Architecture
(1 credit)
Architectural Design I
(1 credit)
 Architectural Design II
(2 credits)
Practicum in Architecture
(2 credits)

Architectural Design Courses:

Principles of Architecture
This course provides an overview to the various fields of architecture, interior design, and construction management. Classroom studies include topics such as safety, design, communication, leadership, teamwork, ethical and legal responsibility, employability, and career development.

Architectural Design I
In this course, students will gain knowledge and skills needed to enter a career in architecture or construction. Including the knowledge of the design, design history, techniques, and tools related to the production of drawings, renderings, and scaled models for nonresidential or residential architectural purposes.

Architectural Design II
In this course, students will gain advanced knowledge and skills needed to enter a career in architecture or construction. Coursework will include extended learning experiences through large scale project management.

Practicum In Architecture 
This course is an occupationally specific course designed to provide technical instruction in architectural design. Safety and career opportunities are included in addition to work ethics and architectural design study. Practicum experiences can occur in a variety of locations appropriate to the nature and level of experiences such as employment, independent study, internships, mentorships, or laboratories.
 Certifications: AutoCAD or Revit

What type of student should take these courses?
Students who are interested in architecture, interior design,  architectural landscape, drafting, construction and just love to be creative, likes problem solving, sketching, or building models using their hands would be a good candidate for this career pathway.

Careers Related to Architectural Design:
  • Architecture
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Sustainable Environmental Design
  • Interior Design
  • Building surveyor.
  • Commercial/residential surveyor.
  • Higher education lecturer.
  • Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer.
  • Planning and development surveyor.
  • Production designer, theatre/television/film.
  • Structural engineer.