Collegiate Academy
Collegiate Academy

  • Challenge your limits by simultaneously pursuing a college degree while earning a high school diploma

  • Discover your potential as you experience the accelerated pace of a college-level learning atmosphere

  • Experience a unique, personalized environment focused on individual success 

Collegiate Academy Courses:
The specific dual credit college courses a student takes varies depending upon the individual needs of the student. A primary goal of the Collegiate Academy is to equip students with the Texas Core courses that are guaranteed to transfer to ALL Texas public colleges and universities. Advisory and mentorship sessions are also given to students to help determine which courses will best meet their needs as they continue their educations beyond Steele. For example, if a student is interested in attending a college/university outside of Texas, a collaborative effort will take placed to determine which courses are accepted and needed for that student’s program of study.

Please note that the table below indicates the traditional path in which students may take dual credit college classes and the corresponding collegiate hours earned.


  • Texas Core Completion: 42 hours of study that are accepted at ALL Texas public colleges and universities
  • Associate of Arts degree: 60 hours of study that fulfill the A.A. requirements for North Central Texas College

What type of student should take these course?

Students should be encouraged to apply for the Collegiate Academy at Steele Accelerated High School if they

  • Enjoy the challenge of rigorous lessons and learning,
  • Are motivated to responsibly complete assignments and projects on-time,
  • Want to learn in a college-level environment,
  • Plan to take advantage of gaining up to a two-year head start on their careers,
  • Are regular in attendance and exhibit punctuality,
  • Want to attend a smaller high school, with a uniquely personal experience.


  Year 1 
Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
English  X
X  DC ENGL 1301
(Composition I)
DC ENGL 1302
(Composition II)
DC ENGL 2322 and DC ENGL 2328 (British Literature I and American Literature II)
Math DC MATH 1314 (College Algebra)
DC MATH 1332 (Contemporary Math)
DC MATH 2412 (Precalculus)
DC MATH 1342 (Statistics)
AP Statistics
#Select one course 
Science X X X  DC CHEM 1411 (Chemistry I) and
DC CHEM 1412 (Chemistry II)
DC BIOL 2406 (Environmental Biology) and
DC BIOL 1408 (Biology Non-Science)
DC BIOL 2401 (Anatomy and Physiology I) and
DC BIOL 2412 (Anatomy and Physiology II)
#Select two courses
Social Studies DC GOVT 2305#
(US Government)
DC ECON 2301#
 DC HIST 1301#
(US History I) *
DC HIST 1302#
(US History II) *
OnRamps US History
DC GOVT 2306# (Texas Government/Special Topics in SS)
DC PSYC 1301 (Psychology) or
DC SOCI 1301 (Sociology) 
 Endorsement Elective(s) or other ARTS 1301#
(Art Appreciation)
SPCH 1315#
ARTS 1301#
(Art Appreciation) 
 Approved courses towards Associate’s Degree Approved courses towards Associate’s Degree 
* Denotes that the course requires an End of Course Test.
# Denotes 42 Hour Core Complete Required Course