Counseling and Mental Health
Counseling and Mental Health

  • Investigate complex social and emotional challenges to understand their effects on individuals, communities, and society
  • Develop a deep understanding of counseling strategies in a variety of social and community service roles

  • Research career opportunities and discover what it takes to succeed in today’s counseling and mental health industries 


Counseling and Mental Health Career Tree:

Counseling and Mental Health Career Tree

Counseling and Mental Health Sequence of Courses:

  Career Awareness
Career Exploration Career Preparation Career Training
Recommended Course Sequence  Principles of Human Services
(1 credit
Family and Community Services
(1 credit)
 Counseling and Mental Health
(1 credit)
Practicum in Human Services
(2 credits)

Counseling and Mental Health Courses:

Principles of Human Services 
This course is a gateway or introduction to the following pathways: Counseling and Mental Health Services, Early Childhood Development, Family and Community Services, Personal Care Services, and Consumer Services. It is a course that provides you the opportunity to narrow down which pathway within Human Services is the one for you.

Family and Community Services 
Family and Community Services provides you the opportunity to engage in service learning (volunteer) opportunities. You learn about the social services that are provided to our community as a whole. This course helps build up your leadership skills and supports you in developing organizational skills.

Counseling and Mental Health Services
Counseling and Mental Health Services students learn how to communicate with one another through positive interactions. Students learn about the nervous system, the brain and disorders of the brain along with society's views on services provided. Being ethical (rules of behavior) and responsible with a human's life is important and we will discuss this in great detail along with legal responsibilities of a Counselor or Mental Health Specialist.

Practicum in Human Services
This course provides occupationally specific training and focuses on the career pathways of Early Childhood Development, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Family and Community Services and Consumer Services. In other words, this course is a way for students to engage in real life experiences. It is possible that experiences might be acquired through an internship in various community service programs. This course may only be taken upon the completion and passing of 2 or more of the courses above.
Certifications: Mental Health Technician 

What type of student should take these courses?
Students should take this course if they like helping others, listening to others and like to solve problems. Students who are interested in pursuing a career as a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, or Therapist/Counselor would benefit from taking this course. The course provides a foundation for understanding how the brain works, as well as the details on the major mental diseases/disorders. It is also advantageous in that the student is eligible to sit for a professional certification which would provide them with the tools to directly enter the professional workplace upon graduation from high school.

Careers Related to Counseling and Mental Health:
Social worker, School counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Aide, Coaches, and Professors, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Mental Health Care Technician, Counselor, Family and Marriage Therapist, Child Life Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Therapist using various modalities such as Art Therapy or Music Therapy.