Investment Banking and Finance

  •  Discover how to achieve personal wealth and financial freedom using the stock market and proven investment strategies
  • Solve project simulations using interactive software applications in a variety of business scenarios

  • Generate, analyze, and interpret critical financial data leading to sound personal and corporate financial management

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Investment Banking and Finance Career Tree:

Investment Banking and Finance Career Tree

Investment Banking and Finance Sequence of Courses:

  Career Awareness
Career Preparation Career Preparation Career Preparation
Recommended Course Sequences Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
(1 credit)
Accounting I
(1 credit)
Securities and Investments
(1 credit)
Financial Analysis
(1 credit)


Investment Banking and Finance Courses:

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
Intro to business, learn about business, marketing, and finance through creating a business plan for a shark tank

Banking and Financial Services
Students learn a combination of personal and business finance, stock market and banking services in a collaborative environment. Students will participate in a series of different personal and business related finance activities while working with classmates.

Accounting 1
Students learn the basics and foundation of Accounting. Students learn the basic Accounting equation, the difference between debit/credit, income statements, and payroll. Students will learn the accounting cycle and will be able to prepare financial statements for a sole proprietorship.

Accounting 2
Builds directly onto the skills learned in Accounting 1.
An extension of in depth and advanced learning from Accounting I.

Future Course Offerings:
Investments and Securities (Fall 2020) and Financial Analysis (Fall 2021)

Careers Related to Investment Banking and Finance:

Payroll clerk, bank teller, tax preparer, real estate agent, bookkeeper, stock broker, actuary