Marketing Dynamics
Marketing Dynamics

  • Experience the exciting world of marketing and public relations by applying the latest social media marketing strategies

  • Design and deliver powerful marketing plans and advertising campaigns to solve real-world business challenges

  • Be a solution provider to local business owners in a competitive environment 

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Marketing Dynamics Career Tree:

Marketing Dynamics Career Tree

Marketing Dynamics Sequence of Courses:

  Career Awareness
Career Exploration Career Preparation Career Training
Recommended Course Sequence Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
(1 credit)
Sports Marketing
(.5 credits)
(.5 credits)

Virtual Business
(.5 credits)
Social Media Marketing
(.5 credits)
Practicum in Business Management
(2 credits)

Marketing Dynamics Courses:

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
Intro to business, learn about business, marketing, and finance through creating a business plan for a shark tank

The following four classes can be taken in a combination of 2 for their sophomore and Junior year (each are a semester long class)

  • Advertising- Real world experience by create a marketing campaign that can be presented to businesses throughout our community.

  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing - Students experience all aspects of Sports and Entertainment Marketing completing a virtual business simulation in which they operate a sports venue (football stadium) for a football and concert season. The goal is profitable operation through strategic decision making.  -  Collaborative environment in which students have the opportunity to design marketing campaigns for sports teams, venues, rock bands, all while learning the foundation of marketing
  • Social Media Marketing - Students learn how to strategically market using current social media applications

What type of student should take these courses?

  • Creative students interested in working with a team and learning about Marketing.
  • Students seeking to learn more about the basics of all things Business, Marketing, and Finance - specifically learning to create and market their own ideas.

Careers Related to Marketing Dynamics:

Marketing Manager, Brand Specialist, Online Marketing Strategist, Retail Store Manager, Sports Agent, Direct Sales, Marketing Assistant, Advertising Associate