STEM Academy
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STEM Academy

  • Bring your ideas to life while designing, building, and testing solutions for complex engineering challenges
  • Adopt a problem-solving mindset to design and build rockets, program electronic devices, and explore green architecture for environmental sustainability

  • Drive our nation’s innovation and competitiveness in the rapidly growing fields of Aerospace Engineering, Cyber Security, Civil Engineering, and Architecture 

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STEM Academy Career Tree:

Career Tree


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STEM Academy Sequence of Courses:

   9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Science STEM
Honors Biology
Honors Chemistry
STEM OnRamps Physics Advanced Science
 Math STEM Honors Geometry  STEM OnRamps Algebra II Honors Precalculus AP Calculus AB or BC
English   STEM Honors
English I
 STEM Honors
English II
STEM OnRamps English III STEM English IV
 PLTW Academy Courses PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
Computer Science I (LOTE)
PLTW Aerospace Engineering (AE) or
PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) or
PLTW Digital Electronics (DE) or
PLTW Cyber Security (CS)
Engineering Science (PLTW Principles of Engineering - POE) PLTW Engineering Design and Development (EDD)
Optional STEM Courses  Computer Science II (LOTE) or
Foundations of Cybersecurity (PLTW Cybersecurity)
Foundations of Cybersecurity (PLTW Cybersecurity) or
Scientific Research and Design STEM
Practicum in STEM or
Project-Based Research