Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine

  • Enhance your passion working within diverse animal industries using preventative medicine, advanced therapeutic techniques, and injury treatment
  • Work alongside professionals in a clinical environment to perform procedures and assess the health of companion and large animals

  • Research and apply diagnostics using industry tools and equipment on animal organs and live specimens 

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Veterinary Medicine Career Tree:

Veterinary Medicine Career Tree

Veterinary Medicine Sequence of Courses:

  Career Awareness
Career Exploration Career Preparation Career Preparation Career Training
Recommended Course Sequence Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
(1 credit)
Small Animal Management
(.5 credits)
Livestock Production
(1 credit)
Veterinary Medical Applications
(1 credit)
Advanced Animal Science
(1 credit)
Practicum in Agriculture
(2 credits)
[NOTE: Practicum is
highly recommended.]