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Credit Recovery
Credit Recovery Student Application  

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Testing Date:  Student may need more than one day to test if taking multiple tests. Secondary students are only allowed up to 3 tests a day

Saturday, January 19, 2019  

Monday, January 21, 2019

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Courses to Test

Please select the exam(s) you wish to take for a previously failed course(s). Up to four exams will be considered for approval.


High School Courses:
English 1 (A - First Semester)
English 1 (B - Second Semester)
English 2 (A - First Semester)
English 2 (B - Second Semester)
English 3 (A - First Semester)
English 3 (B - Second Semester)
English 4 (A - First Semester)
English 4 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 1 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 1 (B - Second Semester)
Algebra 2 (A - First Semester)
Algebra 2 (B - Second Semester)
Geometry (A - First Semester)
Geometry (B - Second Semester)
Pre Calculus (A - First Semester)
Pre Calculus (B - Second Semester)
Biology (A- First Semester)
Biology (B- Second Semester)
Chemistry (A - First Semester)
Chemistry (B - Second Semester)
Environmental Systems (A - First Semester)
Environmental Systems (B - Second Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (A - First Semester)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry-IPC (B - Second Semester)
Physics (A - First Semester)
Physics (B - Second Semester)
US History (A- First Semester)
US History (B - Second Semester)
World Geography (A - First Semester)
World Geography (B - Second Semester)
World History (A - First Semester)
World History (B - Second Semester)
Math Models (A -First Semester)
Math Models (B- Second Semester)
Other, please specify


By signing this form, I attest to and/or understand that:

1. A Credit by Exam (CBE) for recovery is available for students who have LOST CREDIT in courses.
2. Exams are provided by Texas Tech University (TTU) and returned to TTU for grading.
3. The maximum time allotted for each exam is three hours. A student may take a maximum of two exams per day.
4. For a student to receive credit via a CBE for lost credit, the student must earn 70% on the exam.
5. Grades earned through CBE are not included in GPA/ranking.

6. The fee for this exam is $25.00 per test unit, per semester. Process payment for this through the district online payment system, In-Touch or print the confirmation email and pay at your campus office. 



Parent acknowledges and understands above statements.*  



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