Privacy Commitment
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As we move toward a more digital society, student data privacy and safety continues to be a top priority in Northwest ISD. We want our stakeholders to feel secure in knowing how student and staff information is being used. 

 How does Northwest ISD protect student data?   


Northwest ISD utilizes password protection resources for all data. Our password policy requires staff to change their password multiple times per year in order to help protect resources and maintain security. All data is housed domestically in order to ensure United States data privacy guidelines are utilized. 

Some specific strategies utilized by Northwest ISD are as follows:

  • External vendors must sign our data sharing agreement found here.
  • All data uses SSL encryption in transit meaning that all data is encrypted while being transferred via the internet. This is a standard security protocol and ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.
  • Email data utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) preferred encryption for inbound and outbound messaging order to provide privacy and data integrity during communication. 
  • The district is currently utilizing the Trusted Learning Environment framework for data policies and practices.

 What data do we collect and why? 
Student Needs  Measuring Student Progress and Performance and Meeting Individual Needs
We collect data such as attendance, grades, and participation in school-sponsored extra-curricular activities to enable students to succeed. We also collect data from surveys and other feedback to improve teaching and learning and address other issues important to students and their families.
 School Operations  School Operations
We collect data such as addresses, phone numbers, and age to ensure student safety and accurate reporting to help run our school operations efficiently.
 Reporting Improving The Education Program
We collect results from local, state, and national assessments to provide teachers, administrators and parents with important information about students, programs, and school performance. This data helps us improve the educational programs we offer and provide experiences specific to our student needs.
Responsible Stewardship and Financial Integrity
We collect program and financial data to provide assurance that our operations and resources are used in a responsible manner. In addition, we want to make sure the resources and operations we employ lead to student success. We strive to maintain high ethical standards and demonstrate integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness as a district.