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Student Information

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Internship Course Request Form

Practicum Student Guidelines 

What is an Internship?

An internship is an instructional experience for students that have completed coherent sequence of Career and Technical Education courses within a specific pathway.

(at least two courses within a specific pathway and at least one of those on the advanced level)

Students participate in a combination of course related assignments and an off-campus instructional internship with a NISD CTE industry partner.

Full year, 2 semesters/double block. Students receive 2 credits upon successful completion of the course


Why take an Internship?

Students are exposed to real-world work environments in an array of industries, from agriculture, hospitality, medical, and business management, to media, teaching, engineering, and architecture.

• Real World Skills for Real World Success 

• Credentialed certifications

• Networking opportunities 

• Global competitive advantage 

• Career skills building


How do I sign up for the Internship course?

All students interested in the Internship course for 2019-20 school year must complete the Internship Course Request form. All requests will be verified for eligibility and the student’s counselor will be notified for enrollment.

Internship Course Request Form


Please contact Stacy Fanning for more information. 

Stacy Fanning
Career Specialist