Identification & Assessment
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Student Assessment

In Northwest ISD, students eligible for gifted services are screened in the area of general intellectual ability.  

The identification process has three parts to it: referral, screening, and selection.  The Texas State Plan for Gifted Education recommends that a balanced examination of assessment data be conducted and collected and used by the GT Campus Committee.  The assessment criteria for NISD includes both quantitative and qualitative assessments. Quantitative measures include both aptitude and achievement tests; qualitative measures include parent, teacher, and student inventories. 



Transfer Students Students who moved into NISD and were identified for gifted services in another district, but data is incomplete or does not align with NISD’s criteria for services.

Please provide documentation by completing the referral process here. You may also want to reach out to the GT Specialist or Coordinator at your school.

Fall 2021 Screening Window

1st - 12th Grade (except 2nd Grade)
The referral window is open through Thursday, October 7.

Learn about the referral process for middle & high school gifted services here.

Learn about the referral process for elementary school gifted services here.

Students will be screened the week of October 18 - 22 on their campus.

2nd grade students in NISD will be screened during the January 5 -21 window. 

Winter 2022 Screening Window

January 31 - February 11

Spring 2022 Screening Window 

1st - 12th Grade
The referral window will reopen December 1 and close on Thursday, April 7.

Learn about the referral process for middle & high school gifted services 

Learn about the referral process for elementary school gifted services here.

Students will be screened the week of April 18 - 22 on their campus.

Step 1: Referrals

  • Referrals from parents, teachers, administrators, and students. 

    •  Learn about the referral process for middle & high school gifted services here.
    •  Learn about the referral process for elementary school gifted services here.
  • Permission to Test (must be obtained before screening can begin)

Step 2: Screening

  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data.

Step 3: Selection

  • Once the data is gathered, a GT Campus Committee of at least three campus educators, to include the GATES teacher, a campus administrator, and another educator with the appropriate GT professional development hours, meets to review the data. The GT Campus Committee determines if there is an educational need for gifted services. 

In addition to quantitative evidence, the GT Campus Committee determines the need for services based on the preponderance of evidence:

  • The student’s need for the educational experiences planned for the service being offered.

  • The degree to which the student will benefit from the program being offered.


Parents, guardians, and students may appeal the final decision of the GT Campus Committee. The appeal must first be filed with the GT Campus Committee within 10 days of receiving the initial DNQ letter. Should further appeal be needed, it will follow the process outlined in Local Board Policy at Level Two.  


The GT Campus Committee may furlough any student who is unable to maintain satisfactory performance or whose educational needs are not being met within the structure of the gifted classroom.  A furlough may be initiated by the campus, the parent, or the student.

A furlough shall be granted for specified reasons and for a specified period of time (part of a semester, a semester, or a year).  At the end of a furlough, the student may begin receiving gifted services, be placed on another furlough, or be exited from services.  

Reasons for furlough include illness, family or emotional problems, peer conflicts or other problems for which the student feels incapable of continuing in GATES at the present time,


Each campus should monitor student performance within gifted services.  If at any time the GT Campus Committee determines it is in the best interest of the student and his or her educational needs, they may exit a student from services.  If a student or parent requests removal from services, the committee must meet with the parent and student prior to exiting.  Students who exit gifted services must be rescreened in order to begin receiving services. 

Non-performance in GATES or within the regular program is not, by itself, sufficient reason for exit from services, but may be an indicator of other problems that may lead to a recommendation for exit.  No single criterion, such as grades or conduct, is considered sufficient to remove a student from gifted services; rather, a comprehensive review of all data must be weighed by the GT Campus Committee.

Transfer students

Students who move into NISD must meet the district’s criteria in order to receive services.  Testing data from the previous district can be used as long as it measures aptitude or achievement and meets the criteria.  If the data from the previous district is more than two years old, the GT Campus Committee may determine that additional testing is needed.   Student records are reviewed by the GT Campus Committee. The committee is required to meet to make a determination within 30 days of the student’s first day. Determination for services is based on the transfer records, observation reports of the classroom and GATES teachers, and student/parent conferences.

Students who are part of a military family should be placed into gifted services upon enrollment and evaluated within the first semester of placement.