Lunch To Go (Online Ordering)
Online Ordering: AD

Lunch To Go (Admin Dining: Online Ordering)

Lunch to Go orders must be placed before 9:00 AM to have ready for lunch at 11:30 AM. The Lunch To Go menu items are only available if you place an order prior to 9 AM online, they are not available after 9 AM and will not be available during lunch service.  Lunch To Go orders will be charged to your account when you place your order. 

 Name (first & last):

 ID Number (Your order will be charged to this account prior to making your order)


Is this order for today's lunch 
   Yes   No, Please insert date 

Please choose which item you are ordering:

 Market Salad: Seasonal fruit, cheese, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, toasted almonds, sliced red bell peppers and your choice of chicken or salmon & dressing, $4.25
 Strawberry Salad: Strawberries, candy pecans, spinach, and your choice of chicken or salmon & dressing, $4.25

 Salmon & Side Salad, $4.50

 Baked Potato, $3.25 
    Please click on sides you want with your potato
     Shredded Cheese  Bacon  Sour Cream  Chives


If you are ordering a salad, please answer the below questions.

Please pick the type of protein:

 Grilled Chicken

 Crispy Chicken

 Deli Turkey Meat

 Salmon (Premium option: an additional 1.25 for salmon)

Please pick the type of cheese:

  Shredded Cheddar



  Blue Cheese Crumbles


Please select your dressing:

 Blue Cheese

 Honey Mustard


 Chipotle Ranch


 Balsamic Vinaigrette



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