Request FAQ

CTE Academy/Pathway Request FAQ

Why is everyone required to request?
We received feedback previously that students have felt left out since they were not completing an application for their CTE program. This year, we wanted to ensure ANY student interested in a CTE program was able to request.

Are there different request processes for academy vs program?
Requests start in the same location (found on the CTE homepage), however there are a few short essays required for those requesting academies.

Where can I request a program or academy?
Students need to visit the CTE website to access the request link. It is on the homepage and called “CTE Academy/Pathway Request.”

Can students request more than 1 program/academy?
No, students may request one of the 27 programs.

Will this replace students having to meet with their counselor and request classes for high school?
No, we are hoping that BEFORE the counselors’ meetings, in February, students have a strong understanding of the program they want to be a part of. We've also made an opportunity/endorsement guide so that students/parents/teachers can determine which endorsement their chosen program aligns with. Please know which endorsement and program you are selecting before visiting with your counselor in February.

Will non academy programs deny students?

When is the “deadline?”
There is not a set deadline, since requests truly never close. However there is a priority date, January 11, 2019. On this day, we will begin reviewing those that have submitted. If spots remain after, we will then look at those that applied after.

When will academy students be notified if they are accepted or not?
Acceptance letters will be mailed on February 8th. Denials will be emailed.