2019 Attendance Boundary Committee
2019-2020 Approved Attendance Boundaries:

    *2019-2020 Elementary School
    *2019-2020 Middle School
    *2019-2020 High School

As Northwest ISD continues to manage our growth, it is necessary to make some attendance boundary adjustments for the upcoming school year. NISD continues to add around 1,100 students annually and the housing market in our district is delivering homes as fast as we have ever experienced. We will be opening a new elementary school in August 2019 which will require some new attendance boundary lines to be established. Additional adjustments are also being considered in response to new housing developments which have begun construction. We have assembled Administrative Staff, Principals, Teachers, and Parents from every NISD campus, as well as parents from each of the potentially impacted areas to participate on the boundary committee. This group will participate in the review and critique of the proposed boundary changes. Northwest ISD also deployed a ThoughtExchange to our entire district which allows anyone to participate in sharing their thoughts on what should be the top considerations for the district and the committee to think through when working through the boundary process. After the committee concludes their meetings and provides a recommendation, NISD held a Facebook Live event to share the recommendation with our stakeholders and will finally present the recommendation to the Board of Trustees for their consideration.

Northwest ISD must periodically adjust attendance boundaries, in conjunction with construction projects approved from the bond election, to allow Northwest ISD to stay ahead of the growth and maintain optimal occupancies at our schools. We will continue to work toward balancing attendance zones as we welcome new families to our school district.