Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Northwest ISD Plan Updates

A photo of the novel coronavirus with text saying Northwest ISD Response Plan

Because of the continued novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, Northwest ISD school buildings and facilities will remain closed throughout the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. To support students’ education, remote learning will continue while our physical buildings are closed. The district will continue following the guidance of Governor Abbott, health experts, and NISD’s three local counties regarding this closure. All extracurricular activities during this period are either canceled or rescheduled. Further information and updates will be emailed to district families and staff; it will also be posted on this webpage and district social media accounts.

Dr. Ryder Warren, Northwest ISD superintendent of schools, plans to host Facebook Live video chats on the district's page at 6 p.m. each Wednesday with the latest news and updates as we all work through this challenging time.

District Communications

Remote Learning

iNvest2Learn logo
iNvest2Learn Website

During this challenging time, Northwest ISD is committed to supporting our students and families. Our curriculum and instruction department, with support from our building principals and input from teachers across the district, have designed our new iNvest2Learn website for online learning during our closure. 

The iNvest2Learn site will post weekly lessons for our students and parents to access for each grade level and content area. Elementary teachers will also email these lessons each Sunday with personalized teaching points for their students. Secondary teachers will post these lessons in their class Moodle sites with their personalized teaching points. 

For information about remote learning grading practices, click here.

Student Meal Plan

During the closure, Northwest ISD will offer free meals to all students from Monday to Friday. During these days, breakfast and lunch will be served from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the campuses listed below.

When arriving to receive meals at the campus cafeteria doors, parents and students should remain in their vehicles as a precautionary health measure. Meals will be delivered to each vehicle. Families must verify student enrollment to receive meals; to read the verification process, click here.

Extended Break Meal Locations
Campus Location
Curtis Elementary School 9640 Belle Prairie Trail
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Justin Elementary School 425 Boss Range Road
Justin, TX 76247
Love Elementary School 16301 Elementary Drive
Justin, TX 76247
Sendera Ranch Elementary School 1216 Diamondback Lane
Haslet, TX 76052
Chisholm Trail Middle School 583 FM 3433
Rhome, TX 76078
Tidwell Middle School 3937 Haslet-Roanoke Road
Roanoke, TX 76262

Free Wi-Fi Zones

In an effort to provide internet access to students and families in need of service, Northwest ISD has extended the Wi-Fi range at eight schools to allow visitors to connect in the parking lots.

The following schools now have expanded Wi-Fi range:
  • Curtis Elementary School
  • Hughes Elementary School
  • Prairie View Elementary School
  • Schluter Elementary School
  • Seven Hills Elementary School
  • Chisholm Trail Middle School
  • Pike Middle School
  • Steele Accelerated High School
Signs are posted on light poles in the parking lots of these schools where the signal is best. For additional information, click the button below.
Free Wi-Fi Zones

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions can be emailed to or sent via message to the district Facebook page.

Will the school year be extended because of the closure?
Northwest ISD intends to apply for a waiver with the TEA that should not change our scheduled end of the school year based on instructional resources being provided to students during the extended closure. Northwest ISD and other school districts will await further guidance from the Texas Education Agency.

How long will the closure last?
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced school buildings and facilities will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Our students will continue through our remote-learning program during this time, and we will continue offering our free student-meal program as well. Northwest ISD relies on the guidance of both the state of Texas as well as appropriate health agencies.

How are students learning if they are not at school?
When the district first announced a two-week closure, our leaders began preparing for the possibility that out-of-classroom learning may be required. These lessons take place in a child's home and make use of either online and digital resources and/or more traditional, physical resources. For information and a link to the online courses, click on the "Remote Learning" tab on this page or the link on the left sidebar.

How are remote learning classes graded?
Remote learning classes are being graded based on a pass/fail basis. For more information on these grading practices, click here.

Does the extended break have any effect on graduations?
All four Northwest ISD high schools (Byron Nelson, Eaton, Northwest and Steele Accelerated) are now slated to graduate at Texas Motor Speedway on May 26. This is the same date that was originally planned for the three comprehensive high schools, which are now joined by Steele. For full details, click here.

Will graduation items still be delivered to my school while it is closed?
All school-based events have been canceled during the closure, including graduation item deliveries. Companies that sold the items have worked with schools to distribute them, and most have already been delivered. If you have not yet received your items, please contact a campus administrator.

Will STAAR testing proceed as scheduled?
No. The Texas Education Agency has announced STAAR testing requirements have been waived for the 2019-20 school year. 

Will AP testing still take place?
The College Board oversees AP testing and has announced it will offer an at-home test as well as resources for students in AP classes. For more details, click here.

Will meals still be available for students?
Yes, breakfast and lunch meals are available from Monday to Friday at six district campuses during the extended break. Details can be seen in the "Student Meal Plan" tab on this page.

Are sports and fine arts seasons canceled?
Yes. The University Interscholastic League, the governing body of most athletic and fine arts contest for schools in Texas, has announced it is canceling all activities for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

An SAT was scheduled at a Northwest ISD campus over the extended break. Will it proceed?
Because of the school district closure, Northwest ISD campuses will not host SAT testing scheduled over the extended break (such as Byron Nelson and Steele canceling SAT testing on March 14). The College Board has additional information regarding SAT testing closures on its website. When the College Board has updates regarding SAT dates, it will update that website.

My child needs a Chromebook. Who do I contact?
Please submit a ticket through the new online student helpdesk and they will work to provide your child with a Chromebook as soon as possible.

I need to enroll my child, but campuses are closed. What do I do?
Families can enroll their children through an entirely online process at They will need to upload digital versions of all the relevant documents, as no physical document submission is required.

I attend a regular event hosted by a third-party organization at a district campus. Will these events still continue?
During the extended break, no district school or facility will be contracted to an outside party. Once the break concludes, the district plans to resume its partnerships for any facility leases.

My child needs a transcript. Where can he or she request one?
To request a transcript, click here.

My child needs a Verification of Enrollment document. Where can I get one?
Buttons to request VOEs have been added to each high school homepage. They are located below the image banner near the top of the page, next to the principal's photo. The student must sign in with his or her school district email address to request the form.

How will we receive yearbooks for the 2019-20 school year?
If classes return to schools, yearbooks will be delivered directly to students at school. If remote learning continues, schools and the district will set up dates and locations to pick them up via car lanes. Yearbooks are expected to arrive in May. 

I'm not receiving emails from the district, what should I do?
First, please check your junk or spam folder as well as any other auto-sorting folder (such as Gmail's "social" folder for newsletters). If you still do not see the messages, email Please note that district emails go to the primary guardian contact on a student's account; to register more addresses for messages from the district, click here. Campus emails use a different messaging system and are sent to up to four guardians as well as school staff and students.