Internships FAQ

Career Preparation

Are students permitted to work while school is closed?

Yes, students are permitted to work as long as they follow their employers health/safety guidelines.


Do students have to continue to work if they feel doing so would compromise their health safety?

No, students should contact their campus Career Preparation teacher for additional guidelines/information.

Will students lose course credit if they lose their job due to employers closing business as a result of the COVID-19?

No. Students should communicate any job status changes with their campus Career Preparation teacher.

Practicums / Student Internships

Are students permitted to go to their internship sites while school is closed?

No, students should not report to their internship site until further notice.

Items left at a practicum site or items needing to be returned to a practicum site?

Students should not go to their practicum site for any reason. Students should contact their campus practicum teacher via email.

Is the Key Influencer Luncheon still scheduled for April 23rd?

No,  it has been postponed.

Will students have hours to make up to get credit for the course?

Students will be given alternate career readiness assignments by their campus Practicum teacher.

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