Safe Distancing


Social Distance processes are a personal responsibility of each individual attending school or coming to a NISD facility. Anyone causing a disruption or unwilling to follow NISD safety protocols, putting students/staff at unnecessary risk may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

We understand that all students have different needs, but whenever possible throughout the day, students and staff will remain six feet apart. NOTE: it isn't always feasible for staff and students to maintain six feet of social distancing at all times, especially in classrooms.

In order to maintain a safe social distance on campus, our classroom set up will look different compared to past years:

  • Whenever possible, desks are positioned several feet apart.
  • Group work is limited to ensure safe social distancing measures are possible.
  • Classrooms have arranged the desks in a manner that best separates students from one another.*

*We realize that classroom sizes and shapes, as well as student counts, will vary across the district. If six feet of separation cannot be achieved, then students shall be separated to the maximum distance possible within a given space. 

  • Classrooms utilize a seating chart so that students have the same seats in the classroom.

Students and staff are trained in proper social distancing:

  • Campuses have developed schedules and protocols for the use of common areas, including how to sanitize space between use.
  • All students and staff are expected to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting common areas. 

Signage has been provided to help encourage students and staff to practice social distancing:

  • Floor signage is located in gathering areas to encourage social distancing. (i.e. reception area, restrooms, nurses clinic, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Signage is posted in highly visible locations (i.e. school entrances, restrooms) that promote everyday protective measures.
Students are encouraged to use backpacks instead of hallway lockers and cubbies to help ensure social distancing and space between students. 

Currently, all locker rooms and shower rooms are "CLOSED" per the Texas Education Agency.