CyLynn Braswell, Executive Director of College & Career Readiness and Innovation and Creative Media Production Coordinator Jeremy Rawe

CyLynn Braswell, Executive Director of College & Career Readiness and Innovation, sat down with Creative Media Production Coordinator Jeremy Rawe to answer questions about CTE programs.

CTE courses will be offered remotely. 

However, some courses (listed below) cannot be offered remotely due to the hands-on nature of the course. For those courses, students will be required to select either In-Person Learning, a comparable Edgenuity course with additional support from a certified CTE teacher, or a different CTE remote course.  

The following courses are not available for Remote Learners.

o Practicum of Human Services
o Practicum of Education/Extended
o Practicum - CMA
o Practicum - EMT
o Intro to Culinary Arts
o Culinary Arts
o Practicum in Culinary Arts
o Cosmetology I
o Cosmetology II
o Engineering Mathematics
o Wildlife Management
o Horticultural Science
o Floral Design 2
o Agricultural Structures Design & Fabrication
o Practicum of Agriculture - Agricultural Structures
o Practicum of Agriculture - Floral Design
o Welding
o Audio/Visual Production I -LAB (Double Block- Single Block is offered)
o Audio/Visual Production II (NHS TV)
o Commercial Photography II
o Print & Imaging Technology I-IV (Yearbook)
o Graphic Design and Illustration II
o Practicum in Arts and AV

Course schedules are available in the Home Access Center (HAC).