Partnership Activities
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Northwest ISD's current Partners in Education choose to spend their time and resources in a combination of ways to best suit the needs of NISD students and staff.  Examples of approved partnership activities include:
Supports Student Achievement
Volunteers for tutoring, reading, or mentoring
Awards good attendance, character, academic or extracurricular achievement with recognition, prizes, scholarships, etc.
Provides food and refreshments for school events and programs
Acts as a lunch buddy
Promotes School-to-Career Opportunities
Shares special skills with a class
Shares information specific to a vocation
Serves as a speaker for Career Days (Go Get it Weeks)
Mocks businesses in classrooms
Reviews applications and resumes and conducts mock interviews
Provides job shadowing experiences for students and teachers
Employs students through co-op
Participates in student job fairs
Encourages Student Performance and Learning
Displays student artwork at a business
Displays listings of student accomplishments at a business (i.e. honor rolls)
Hosts motivational programs and activities
Invites students to perform for employees and customers
Provides snacks to students during testing periods or for rewards and parties
Offers demonstrations and presentations on various topics
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: drug awareness, health and nutrition, understanding of money and how to handle it, self-esteem, goal setting, problem solving, interviewing techniques, resume writing, backpack safety, etc.
Offering incentives for outstanding student performance
Donates Supplies and Resources
Basic school supplies
Books for the school library
Books for students to take home and keep to promote reading outside the classroom
Crafts or office supplies for special projects
Use of their facility for meetings and or activities
Use of their facility for school nights - donate a portion of proceeds to a school
Printing services
Funding to cover the cost of campus-related activities off school property for low-income students
Supply a classroom with newspapers, magazines or relevant trade publications
Supports Teachers and Faculty
Provides specials or "freebies" for teachers
Donates parent and/or teacher incentives, such as gift certificates or coupons for products and services
Supplies food and refreshments for appreciation events, meetings, and in-service workdays
Offers teacher scholarships
Provides staff development opportunities
Works with classroom teachers to develop lesson plans
Supports School Programs
School fundraisers: book drives, bake sales, fun runs, auctions, can food drives, etc.
PTAs/PTOs/Watch D.O.G.S.
Booster Club activities
Student performances
Special school activities: Red Ribbon Week, career day, field day, fairs/carnivals, etc.
Holiday celebrations
Extracurricular activities; sponsor a club or sports team
Texas Scholars
Junior Achievement
Volunteers Time
Serves on school committees
Provides translators for parent/teacher meetings
Serves as a school judge for science and art fairs
Assists with the school newsletter, yearbook or other publications
Works in classrooms, front office, or lunchroom duty
Chaperones field trips
Works with students on community service projects
Assists with School Improvement Projects
Playground needs
Nature trails
Outdoor classroom projects
Furniture and décor donations