Bond History

With strong voter approval in each election, Northwest ISD has successfully passed bond referendums since 1990. As one of the fastest growing school districts in the state, Northwest ISD has successfully managed its growth in student enrollment. Since 2001, the bond referendums have provided:

  • Facilities, student seats, and programs for more than 12,000 students, including nine new elementary schools, two new middle schools, Byron Nelson High School and James M. Steele Accelerated High School.
  • The technology infrastructure and hardware necessary for today’s standards.
  • Strategic campus design and systems for safety and security.
  • Essential replacements to all NISD campuses on major components like HVAC systems, flooring and roofing.
  • Building additions and renovations to accommodate the growing student population.
  • A number of other programs and facilities like the Northwest ISD Stadium, the Career Academies at the district’s two comprehensive high schools and accelerated high school, the program space for orchestra and the re-designed classrooms for algebra.

Summary of Bond Elections in NISD

1990   $22 million   Passed with 74% Voter Approval

  • 3 Elementary Schools
  • 1 Middle School
  • Improvements at Other Campuses

1996   $45 million   Passed with 74% Voter Approval

  • 3 Elementary Schools
  • 3 Middle Schools
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Technology

2001    $162.7 million   Passed with 70% Voter Approval

  • Elementary School Conversions
  • 1,700 Elementary School Seats
  • 1,150 Middle School Seats
  • Campus Improvements and Renovations

2001   $19.5 million   Passed with 67% Voter Approval

  • Northwest ISD Stadium

2005   $224.5 million   Passed with 70% Voter Approval

  • 3 Elementary Schools, plus Additions
  • 1 Middle School, plus Additions
  • 1 High School
  • School Site Purchases
  • Technology and Campus Renovations

2008   $260 million   Passed with 72% Voter Approval

  • 7 Elementary Schools, plus Additions
  • 1 Middle School
  • School Site Purchases
  • Enhnancements for Career Academies and Fine Arts
  • Technology and Campus Renovations

2012     $255 million   Passed with 57% approval

  • 1 Middle School
  • 1 High School
  • Program Enhnancements and Classroom Space for Math, Science and Environmental Studies
  • Updates to Technology
  • Updates to Safety and Security
  • Building Additions at Existing Schools to Accommodate Growth
  • Major Building Component Replacements like HVAC Systems, Flooring and Roofing