Why did NISD call a bond election?

Northwest ISD is one of thefastest-growing school districts in Texas with a current enrollment nearing 17,800 which is projected to nearly double in the next 10 years.  Following the recommendations of theLong-Range Planning Committee (LRPC), the NISD School Board called a $255 million capital bond referendum for Tuesday, November 6. As developed by the committee, this bond is intended to address the district’s continuing student population growth, whichis projected to increase by an additional 5,800 students by the 2017-2018 school year.


What is included in the 2012 bond?

V.R. Eaton High School will open in August 2015, and a new middle school will be built which will relieve crowding at current schools. More Career Academies and Pathways programming will be implemented and classrooms will be repurposed for science, math and environmental studies.  Technology and safety/security equipment and infrastructure will be updated. Classroom additions will be constructed at one elementary school, roof replacements at eight facilities, flooring replacements at six facilities, and HVAC system replacements at five facilities. 


Why the discrepancy between 4,000 students and 5,800 students?

Although it is expected that NISD will grow by 5,800 students by the 2017-2018 school year, and the bond will add 4,000 new student seats, NISD will be able to absorb some of the growth in some of the existing facilities.  With the additions provided for by the bond, NISD will be able to accommodate the total projected future growth.


How was the bond plan determined?

The NISD Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC), a 37-member community task force, evaluated and updated the district’s 20-year master facility plan that projects future growth and facility needs. Eighty-nine percent of the $255 million bond referendum addresses student growth by providing seats and programs for an additional 4,000 students.


What is the impact of this bond on my tax rate?

Using bond funds for long-term capital needs allows the district to spread the cost of large expenditures over a period of 20-30 years – just as a homeowner finances the purchase of a home. To fund technology, bond sales are structured to allow early principal payments that match the useful life of the equipment purchased.  If the bond is approved, there is a potential for a tax rate increase; however, the increase would not exceed $0.0775.


                                    TaxRate Information


                                                                  Current              Projected

Maintenance & Operations (M&O)               $1.04                 $1.04

Interest & Sinking (I&S)                                $0.335               $0.4125*

*The I&S tax rate would not exceed $0.4125. The current total rate is $1.375. It would not exceed $1.4525.


If the full $0.0775 tax increase is necessary, it would beequivalent to:


Home Value                        Monthly Impact             Annual Impact   

  $100,000                           $  6.46                          $  77.50

  $200,000                           $12.92                          $155.00


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