Frequently Asked Questions About Prekindergarten
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How do I know what school my child will attend?
Students attend Pre-K at the campus within their attendance zone.  If there is not a Pre-K at your elementary home campus your child will attend the Pre-K campus designated for your attendance zone.

What is the age qualification for Prekindergarten?
To attend Pre-k children must be four-years-old by September 1st of the school year in which they are applying.
There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Can I retain my child in Pre-K if I don't think they are ready for Kindergarten?
No. The Prekindergarten program is designed for students that are four-years-old. Students that are five years of age are served with their peers in Kindergarten. 
Where are Pre-K classes located?
Please go to the webpage Schools With Prekindergarten Classes for this information.
What are the times for Prekindergarten?
Prekindergarten is a five day a week program. There is a morning and an afternoon class. The morning class is from 7:40am until 10:50am.  The afternoon class is from 11:50 am until 3:00 pm.
Is there a school supply list for Prekindergarten?
Yes, there are designated supplies for Prekindergarten. If you have any questions about school supplies please contact your child's teacher or the school they will attend.
Is transportation available?
Prekindergarten students living in the attendance zone of the school they are attending and living outside a two mile radius of the school may ride the bus to school if attending a.m. Pre-K and may ride the bus home if attending afternoon Pre-K.

Is there mid-day bus service?
Mid-day bus service is available for students that live in the attendance zone of the school they are attending or the PreK transportation zone assigned to the PreK campus. To be eligible for mid-day transportation to the afternoon class or home from the morning class, the family home address must be outside the two mile radius of the PreK campus. Parents must fill out a transportation form requesting bus service before school begins so that the route can be established. This form will be available at the PreK campus during document review.
Does attendance really count in Pre-K?
Yes, it does. To receive the full benefit of the Prekindergarten program your child needs to be here every day for their class. Once you have enrolled your child in school they are expected to attend and fall under Compulsory Attendance Law. Refer to the link below to access the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct regarding state and district attendance laws and policies. 


Do I need to make an appointment for registration?
Some campuses set specific times for Pre-Kindergarten qualifying and documentation review. To assure that staff is on-hand for language assessment and document review it is suggested to call the campus before you go. 

Why do we have to go to the campus, can't I just register online?
Specific documentation must be provided to the campus in order to qualify for Pre-Kindergarten. If your child is qualifying under the language program you will need take your child to the campus for language testing.
Wouldn't it be easier to just register now? 
Kindergarten and Prekindergarten Round-Up will be held April 29, 2019-May 3, 2019  for the 2019-2020 school year. Families can register this week or any time through the end of the school year.  Families can also qualify and register during new student registration in August.
Can we fill out online registration now?
New student registration for the next school year is available in April. Online registration for the 2020-2021 school year registration will be available  at  Filling out the online registration does not mean you qualify for Prekindergarten.  You must go to the Prekindergarten campus with the documentation needed to qualifying for Pre-Kindergarten. Students cannot be placed in a class until both qualifying and registration is complete and approved.  We cannot hold places for incomplete registrations. Do not fill out online registration early. It is important to wait until the online enrollment system rolls over for the 2020-2021 school year. Enrollment entered early is only for the current school year and is deleted when registration comes online for next year. 
We don't live in Northwest ISD. Can we transfer from another district?
No. We do not take out of district transfers. 
We will be out of town during Pre-Kindergarten registration. Can I still register?
Yes. Pre-Kindergarten registration continues through the end of the school year. Families can also qualify and register during new student registration in August. 
Does my child need to attend registration?
If you are qualifying for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program there will be an English language assessment in order to qualify. Parents will need to make an appointment at the NISD Language Testing Center. Refer to the Prekindergarten Qualification page for details about the types of information needed for qualifying for Pre-K.
What if I do not have the necessary paperwork?
Please refer to the parent checklist page. All information is required. If all paperwork is not complete we cannot complete the registration process and place your child in a class. 
Do I get a choice of attending the morning or afternoon class?
You may choose for your child to be placed in the morning or afternoon class as long as there are spaces available. Once your child is enrolled in a class that is the class they will be attending.  
Please contact your local campus or Deanne Colley at or 817-215-0198 with additional questions.